What Is The History Of The Last Name Esquivel?

The name Esquivel has a rich and varied history. The name Esquivel is derived from the Old French word "esquiver," which means "to dodge." The name Esquivel was first brought to the New World by the Spanish conquistadors in the 1500s. The name Esquivel was given to Spanish settlers who were able to evade capture by the indigenous people.The name Esquivel quickly spread throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. The name Esquivel is now common in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and the Dominican Republic. The name Esquivel is also common in the United States, where it is the fourth most common Hispanic surname.

The history of the name Esquivel is a testament to the resilience and courage of Hispanic people throughout the world. The name Esquivel is a symbol of the Hispanic heritage and culture.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Esquivel?

@There are many famous people in history with the last name Esquivel. Some examples include Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and American singer Santana. Esquivel is a fairly common name, so it is no surprise that there are so many notable people with it.

Where Does The Last Name Esquivel Rank In The Most Common US Names?

According to a study by the Social Security Administration, the last name Esquivel is the 5,874th most common US name. This means that it is much less common than other names like Smith, Johnson, and Williams.So why is Esquivel so rare? There is no one definitive answer, but there are a few possible explanations. One possibility is that the name is derived from a Basque word meaning "archer." If this is the case, it could be that the name began to be used more widely in the United States after the Basque immigrants arrived in the early 20th century.

Another explanation is that the name is relatively new to the United States. Esquivel is actually a fairly common name in Mexico, and it may be that more Mexican immigrants have begun to use the name in the United States in recent years.

Whatever the reason for its rarity, the fact that Esquivel is less common than other names means that it can be a source of pride for those who have it. And if you're looking to give your child a unique name that is still easy to pronounce, Esquivel may be a good option.

List of People with the Last Name Esquivel

Martha EsquivelMaria EsquivelGuadalupe EsquivelAna EsquivelAntonio EsquivelRosa EsquivelLuis EsquivelJuan EsquivelManuel EsquivelDaniel EsquivelDavid EsquivelJesus EsquivelCarlos EsquivelMario EsquivelJorge EsquivelFrancisco EsquivelMiguel EsquivelJose EsquivelMary EsquivelRicardo EsquivelVictor EsquivelElizabeth EsquivelRoberto EsquivelJavier EsquivelRobert EsquivelPedro EsquivelRaul EsquivelSergio EsquivelVeronica EsquivelFernando EsquivelPatricia EsquivelAlejandro EsquivelJaime EsquivelLaura EsquivelSandra EsquivelHector EsquivelRuben EsquivelOscar EsquivelClaudia EsquivelJoe EsquivelGloria EsquivelMartin EsquivelYolanda EsquivelJ EsquivelMichael EsquivelGerardo EsquivelArturo EsquivelNorma EsquivelEduardo EsquivelAlfredo EsquivelGabriel EsquivelMonica EsquivelDiana EsquivelEnrique EsquivelRafael EsquivelArmando EsquivelAlicia EsquivelAnthony EsquivelIrma EsquivelAngelica EsquivelSylvia EsquivelAlberto EsquivelA EsquivelR EsquivelBlanca EsquivelRamon EsquivelJuana EsquivelJennifer EsquivelJulio EsquivelJesse EsquivelSilvia EsquivelGabriela EsquivelJoseph EsquivelAlma EsquivelNancy EsquivelCynthia EsquivelMelissa EsquivelPablo EsquivelMarco EsquivelEdgar EsquivelCesar EsquivelAnna EsquivelRodolfo EsquivelRichard EsquivelOlga EsquivelSonia EsquivelChristina EsquivelLinda EsquivelGustavo EsquivelJessica EsquivelEric EsquivelAlex EsquivelMichelle EsquivelErnesto EsquivelGuillermo EsquivelLorena EsquivelStephanie EsquivelAdriana EsquivelLuz EsquivelAdrian EsquivelEdward EsquivelRogelio EsquivelJosefina EsquivelVanessa EsquivelLisa EsquivelVirginia EsquivelJonathan EsquivelVictoria EsquivelBrenda EsquivelCarolina EsquivelFrank EsquivelAndres EsquivelOmar EsquivelGeorge EsquivelErika EsquivelMaribel EsquivelJoel EsquivelBertha EsquivelRene EsquivelAngela EsquivelRebecca EsquivelMayra EsquivelIsrael EsquivelJuanita EsquivelIsabel EsquivelTeresa EsquivelCecilia EsquivelMargarita EsquivelAndrea EsquivelLeticia EsquivelAlejandra EsquivelBenjamin EsquivelEva EsquivelErica EsquivelIrene EsquivelMarcos EsquivelSantos EsquivelRaquel EsquivelFelipe EsquivelBeatriz EsquivelIgnacio EsquivelIsmael EsquivelRosario EsquivelAmanda EsquivelSusana EsquivelHugo EsquivelSamuel EsquivelGraciela EsquivelOlivia EsquivelGilberto EsquivelEsmeralda EsquivelEsther EsquivelAlfonso EsquivelChristopher EsquivelJohn EsquivelSaul EsquivelRamiro EsquivelCrystal EsquivelAlbert EsquivelVicente EsquivelSalvador EsquivelCarmen EsquivelJulia EsquivelRocio EsquivelIvan EsquivelFrancisca EsquivelKarla EsquivelAraceli EsquivelEfrain EsquivelTony EsquivelFelix EsquivelJohnny EsquivelSara EsquivelChristian EsquivelAbel EsquivelElvira EsquivelDora EsquivelCristina EsquivelAngel EsquivelRose EsquivelRigoberto EsquivelHumberto EsquivelJulian EsquivelSarah EsquivelSusan EsquivelDolores EsquivelMaricela EsquivelNoe EsquivelConsuelo EsquivelMiriam EsquivelRachel EsquivelGilbert EsquivelRudy EsquivelAntonia EsquivelSantiago EsquivelJames EsquivelRosalinda EsquivelKaren EsquivelLouis EsquivelMagdalena EsquivelLucia EsquivelDenise EsquivelBarbara EsquivelLourdes EsquivelReynaldo EsquivelNicolas EsquivelAshley EsquivelKimberly EsquivelLiliana EsquivelErick EsquivelYesenia EsquivelEstela EsquivelCindy EsquivelJacqueline EsquivelEmma EsquivelPaul EsquivelHenry EsquivelAnita EsquivelEsperanza EsquivelHilda EsquivelWilliam EsquivelTomas EsquivelAlexis EsquivelThomas EsquivelLorenzo EsquivelMarisol EsquivelKarina EsquivelSamantha EsquivelCelia EsquivelEsteban EsquivelAlvaro EsquivelSteven EsquivelMark EsquivelAndrew EsquivelElena EsquivelAmy EsquivelJoshua EsquivelEmilio EsquivelAgustin EsquivelCruz EsquivelPaula EsquivelLeonardo EsquivelLeslie EsquivelRodrigo EsquivelElsa EsquivelFederico EsquivelAurora EsquivelGregorio EsquivelGriselda EsquivelGonzalo EsquivelJimmy EsquivelAdela EsquivelAaron EsquivelMariana EsquivelAbraham EsquivelElias EsquivelRita EsquivelAlexander EsquivelEdith EsquivelRaymond EsquivelNora EsquivelIsaac EsquivelJacob EsquivelMarina EsquivelLidia EsquivelDiego EsquivelJudith EsquivelElisa EsquivelRolando EsquivelSharon EsquivelAmelia EsquivelCatalina EsquivelDelia EsquivelIsidro EsquivelYvonne EsquivelOfelia EsquivelEzequiel EsquivelConcepcion EsquivelRamona EsquivelMauricio EsquivelAdolfo EsquivelBenito EsquivelOrlando EsquivelRuth EsquivelJason EsquivelEvelyn EsquivelFabiola EsquivelArnulfo EsquivelHeriberto EsquivelTrinidad EsquivelGuillermina EsquivelPerla EsquivelLeonel EsquivelMatthew EsquivelHomero EsquivelJoaquin EsquivelNoel EsquivelRalph EsquivelBernardo EsquivelMoises Esquivel