Historical Information About The Last Name Estes

The surname Estes is derived from the Old French word "este" and the Latin word "stabulum", both of which mean "stable". The name was most likely given to someone who worked at a stable or who owned one.The first recorded use of the Estes surname was in the 12th century, when Geoffrey de Estes was mentioned in the records of the Abbey of Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk, England. Over the centuries, the Estes surname has been spelled a variety of ways, including Est, Este, and East.

The Estes surname is particularly common in the United States. Some of the most notable American Estes's include James Estes, who served as the United States Ambassador to Portugal from 1977 to 1981, and Phil Estes, who played professional baseball for the Milwaukee Brewers and the Chicago Cubs in the 1970s.

If you are interested in tracing your own Estes ancestry, there are a number of resources available online. One of the best is the website Ancestry.com. This website provides access to billions of genealogical records from around the world.

The Popularity Of Estes As The Last Name

What is the popularity of Estes as the last name? According to the 2010 United States Census, out of the over 300,000 people who had the last name Estes, only 9,000 of them were actually related to the Estes family.

This means that the vast majority of people who have the last name Estes are not related to the Estes family, but rather they have simply adopted the name as their own.

There are a number of different theories as to why the name Estes has become so popular, but no one knows for sure why it has become so widespread.

Some people believe that the popularity of the name is due to the fact that it is unique and uncommon. Others believe that it is due to the fact that the name is associated with success, and that many people want to associate themselves with this image.

Whatever the reason may be, the fact remains that the name Estes is one of the most popular last names in the United States. And, as the trend continues, it is likely that even more people will begin using it as their own name.

Naming Ideas With Estes As The Last Name

Are you looking for a unique baby name? Why not consider one with Estes as the last name? There are many options to choose from, and your child will have a name that is truly one of a kind.Some of the most popular baby names with Estes as the last name include Emily, Emma, Noah, and Liam. These names are both classic and modern, and they are sure to be a hit with any parent.

If you are looking for a more unique name, there are plenty of other options to choose from. Some of our favourites include Sawyer, Harper, and Knox. These names are sure to stand out and make your child stand out from the crowd.

No matter what name you choose, you can be sure that it will be perfect for your child. With Estes as the last name, you can be sure that your child will have a name that is truly unique.

List of People with the Last Name Estes

C EstesBarbara EstesMary EstesPatricia EstesWilliam EstesRichard EstesCharles EstesMichael EstesDavid EstesRobert EstesJennifer EstesThomas EstesJames EstesElizabeth EstesD EstesLinda EstesM EstesJ EstesJohn EstesSusan EstesJoseph EstesLisa EstesGeorge EstesDonald EstesSteven EstesDeborah EstesChristopher EstesChris EstesKimberly EstesMichelle EstesKenneth EstesDonna EstesSandra EstesMelissa EstesBetty EstesJoe EstesAngela EstesMark EstesJessica EstesSarah EstesSteve EstesMargaret EstesKaren EstesBrenda EstesGary EstesStephanie EstesSharon EstesDaniel EstesLarry EstesRonald EstesAmanda EstesAshley EstesTimothy EstesStephen EstesRebecca EstesKim EstesPamela EstesPaul EstesCarol EstesJack EstesDorothy EstesMike EstesBill EstesNancy EstesTammy EstesLaura EstesAmy EstesKelly EstesBrian EstesDiane EstesTeresa EstesDebra EstesBilly EstesJason EstesScott EstesRuth EstesDon EstesHelen EstesEric EstesMatthew EstesCarolyn EstesEdward EstesKathy EstesJim EstesVirginia EstesShirley EstesCynthia EstesJerry EstesJoshua EstesAndrew EstesJeffrey EstesJeff EstesLee EstesBobby EstesHeather EstesLawrence EstesAnthony EstesTim EstesAnn EstesKevin EstesFrank EstesRoy EstesChristine EstesJulie EstesEmily EstesJoyce EstesTerry EstesRaymond EstesChristina EstesJudy EstesJamie EstesGregory EstesFrances EstesAnna EstesJanet EstesBob EstesRobin EstesMartha EstesCheryl EstesKatherine EstesTina EstesJean EstesJonathan EstesWalter EstesJanice EstesWayne EstesKathleen EstesTracy EstesRachel EstesCatherine EstesDawn EstesMarie EstesRandy EstesJackie EstesCindy EstesBeverly EstesAlice EstesAmber EstesJustin EstesLori EstesHarold EstesJimmy EstesWillie EstesNicole EstesCrystal EstesCarl EstesEarl EstesRay EstesPeggy EstesEvelyn EstesPhillip EstesWanda EstesSheila EstesClarence EstesBonnie EstesSara EstesKathryn EstesJudith EstesJesse EstesHoward EstesShannon EstesApril EstesRhonda EstesDouglas EstesSherry EstesJane EstesSue EstesTheresa EstesRoger EstesTiffany EstesBenjamin EstesJohnny EstesRyan EstesJoan EstesCathy EstesAllen EstesMildred EstesDenise EstesLeslie EstesDiana EstesKeith EstesDennis EstesLynn EstesJacob EstesSamuel EstesRalph EstesConnie EstesSamantha EstesVictoria EstesAlbert EstesJacqueline EstesDoris EstesLauren EstesTommy EstesWendy EstesHenry EstesMegan EstesRuby EstesAndrea EstesJeremy EstesGloria EstesCurtis EstesEugene EstesEdna EstesRandall EstesHarry EstesDanny EstesDana EstesCarrie EstesAnnie EstesRussell EstesEddie EstesTony EstesAaron EstesPatrick EstesLouise EstesJoel EstesFred EstesPhyllis EstesTonya EstesErnest EstesBrittany EstesBrandon EstesGrace EstesHazel EstesCourtney EstesChad EstesCharlotte EstesTravis EstesAnne EstesDanielle EstesRicky EstesJulia EstesErin EstesElaine EstesNicholas EstesNorman EstesTyler EstesArthur EstesLloyd EstesJessie EstesGerald EstesTodd EstesGladys EstesMaria EstesDarlene EstesJordan EstesDale EstesRita EstesAdam EstesRonnie EstesAnita EstesNorma EstesThelma EstesRose EstesMarvin EstesGlenn EstesKyle EstesCharlie EstesJay EstesNathan EstesBruce EstesShawn EstesHerbert EstesKayla EstesIrene EstesSean EstesBillie EstesMarion EstesEdith EstesHannah EstesLucille EstesLillian EstesBertha EstesTaylor EstesAudrey EstesEva EstesFlorence EstesCecil EstesShane EstesClyde EstesTroy EstesLeonard EstesCody EstesBryan EstesBessie EstesJimmie EstesEmma EstesLois EstesClara EstesBradley EstesZachary EstesRodney EstesVivian EstesVernon EstesAlan EstesAustin EstesGordon EstesMyrtle EstesMinnie Estes