What Is The History Of The Last Name Farris?

The Farris name is a popular one, found throughout the United States. But where did it come from? And what is the history behind it?The Farris name is thought to have originated in France. It is derived from the word "farrage," which means "a toll taken on goods moving through a town." Over time, the name evolved to Farris.

There are several theories about the origin of the Farris name. One theory is that it is derived from the name "Ferris," which was introduced to England by the Norman Conquest in 1066. Another theory is that it is derived from the name "Farrer," which was introduced to England by the Saxons.

Whatever the origin of the Farris name, it is clear that it has been around for a long time. And it is likely that it will continue to be popular for many years to come.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Farris?

There are many people in history with the last name Farris. But are there any famous people with the last name Farris?Yes, there are several famous people with the last name Farris. For example, Farris Wheel was a famous amusement park ride. And Farris W. Fenton was a famous American businessman.

But the most famous person with the last name Farris is probably Farrah Fawcett. She was a famous actress and model.

So yes, there are many famous people with the last name Farris.

Where Does The Last Name Farris Rank In The Most Common US Names?

If you're looking for a common name, Farris is a great option. According to recent studies, it ranks in the top 100 most common US names. But what about the rarity of the last name? Where does it rank among other popular last names?Farris is a unique name, but it's not quite as rare as you might think. It clocks in at around #5,000 in terms of most common US names. There are plenty of Farrises out there, and the name is only getting more popular.

So if you're looking for a unique name that's still common enough to be found in most neighborhoods, Farris is a great option. And if you're looking for a last name that's easy to spell and pronounce, you can't go wrong with Farris.

List of People with the Last Name Farris

John FarrisMary FarrisC FarrisJames FarrisLinda FarrisPatricia FarrisDavid FarrisS FarrisJennifer FarrisD FarrisMichael FarrisThomas FarrisJ FarrisM FarrisRobert FarrisR FarrisWilliam FarrisCharles FarrisRichard FarrisBarbara FarrisL FarrisElizabeth FarrisSusan FarrisJoseph FarrisDonald FarrisKenneth FarrisGeorge FarrisB FarrisT FarrisLisa FarrisMichelle FarrisKimberly FarrisDaniel FarrisChris FarrisChristopher FarrisBetty FarrisSharon FarrisDeborah FarrisBill FarrisKaren FarrisTimothy FarrisAngela FarrisJoe FarrisJessica FarrisSandra FarrisLarry FarrisMargaret FarrisSteven FarrisRonald FarrisMark FarrisMike FarrisJason FarrisRebecca FarrisBrenda FarrisAmanda FarrisBilly FarrisJeffrey FarrisPamela FarrisDebra FarrisPaul FarrisLaura FarrisMatthew FarrisDonna FarrisTerry FarrisKim FarrisCynthia FarrisSteve FarrisAmy FarrisMelissa FarrisGary FarrisCarol FarrisJack FarrisJulie FarrisKevin FarrisEdward FarrisKathy FarrisSarah FarrisDebbie FarrisNancy FarrisJeff FarrisAshley FarrisAnthony FarrisDorothy FarrisTeresa FarrisStephen FarrisLawrence FarrisFrank FarrisDon FarrisRuth FarrisKelly FarrisScott FarrisStephanie FarrisJudy FarrisLori FarrisChristine FarrisJim FarrisTammy FarrisCarolyn FarrisShirley FarrisJerry FarrisMartha FarrisJoshua FarrisTina FarrisDiane FarrisRoy FarrisHelen FarrisJamie FarrisCindy FarrisHeather FarrisAnna FarrisWillie FarrisKathleen FarrisAndrew FarrisKatherine FarrisJanet FarrisBrian FarrisTracy FarrisJustin FarrisCheryl FarrisJackie FarrisJeffery FarrisWalter FarrisJimmy FarrisRachel FarrisLee FarrisAnn FarrisSue FarrisCarl FarrisRay FarrisDennis FarrisChristina FarrisRaymond FarrisVirginia FarrisFred FarrisTom FarrisNicole FarrisFrances FarrisJoyce FarrisGregory FarrisPatrick FarrisCatherine FarrisBobby FarrisRyan FarrisJean FarrisMarie FarrisDouglas FarrisBrandon FarrisJanice FarrisDenise FarrisKathryn FarrisRobin FarrisHarold FarrisConnie FarrisSamantha FarrisEmily FarrisTiffany FarrisDawn FarrisSamuel FarrisKeith FarrisCathy FarrisAlice FarrisSara FarrisJacqueline FarrisBonnie FarrisSherry FarrisRhonda FarrisCrystal FarrisRandy FarrisLeslie FarrisJonathan FarrisEric FarrisTheresa FarrisWayne FarrisPhillip FarrisHenry FarrisBeverly FarrisDoris FarrisAndrea FarrisTony FarrisAnnie FarrisRuby FarrisVictoria FarrisSam FarrisMaria FarrisJeremy FarrisShawn FarrisAmber FarrisEarl FarrisJohnny FarrisClarence FarrisDanny FarrisJesse FarrisMegan FarrisRandall FarrisJulia FarrisWanda FarrisCharlotte FarrisLouise FarrisKatie FarrisJoan FarrisMildred FarrisPaula FarrisDale FarrisBrittany FarrisDiana FarrisRoger FarrisHoward FarrisEvelyn FarrisJudith FarrisLynn FarrisRussell FarrisChristy FarrisAaron FarrisTonya FarrisJoann FarrisGlenn FarrisRegina FarrisRonnie FarrisGloria FarrisCarrie FarrisBillie FarrisPhyllis FarrisEugene FarrisBenjamin FarrisRose FarrisJacob FarrisEddie FarrisErnest FarrisHazel FarrisShannon FarrisMarilyn FarrisApril FarrisAdam FarrisTommy FarrisPeggy FarrisKyle FarrisRicky FarrisJill FarrisHarry FarrisTroy FarrisHolly FarrisZachary FarrisTyler FarrisEdna FarrisArthur FarrisLillian FarrisSally FarrisJay FarrisCourtney FarrisGerald FarrisLois FarrisDana FarrisRalph FarrisJane FarrisJessie FarrisMelanie FarrisNicholas FarrisEmma FarrisMelvin FarrisSean FarrisTodd FarrisFrederick FarrisBrandy FarrisNorma FarrisBruce FarrisAlbert FarrisMarvin FarrisRodney FarrisEva FarrisNathan FarrisChad FarrisBrandi FarrisLauren FarrisDustin FarrisPhilip FarrisDanielle FarrisRita FarrisIrene FarrisThelma FarrisLucille FarrisEdith FarrisFloyd FarrisTaylor FarrisCurtis FarrisTravis FarrisWesley FarrisBryan FarrisPauline FarrisJordan FarrisGladys FarrisLloyd FarrisClifford FarrisMinnie FarrisClyde FarrisElsie FarrisCody FarrisMarjorie FarrisAustin FarrisCecil FarrisBessie Farris