What Is The History Of The Last Name Feldman?

What is the history of the last name Feldman?The Feldman surname has been traced back to the 12th century when the name was first used by the people of Frankfurt, Germany. The Feldman family was noted for their many rabbis and scholars. In the 17th century, some members of the Feldman family moved to Poland.

In the early 1800s, some of the Feldmans moved to the United States, settling in Baltimore, Maryland. Later, some of them moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. Several members of the Feldman family participated in the Civil War.

In the early 20th century, the Feldman family began to disperse to other parts of the country. Some moved to Los Angeles, California, while others moved to Detroit, Michigan or New York City. Today, there are Feldmans living in almost every state in the United States.

The Feldman surname is derived from the German word "feld," meaning "field." The name was likely given to someone who lived near a field.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Feldman?

There are plenty of famous people in history with the last name Feldman. In fact, there are so many that it can be hard to know which one is the most famous. One of the most famous Feldman's is probably Al Feldstein, who was the editor of Mad Magazine for many years. He was responsible for choosing the content and creating the famous covers that made Mad so famous.Another famous Feldman is Marty Feldman, who was a very successful comedian and actor. He was well-known for his unique style and for his roles in movies like Young Frankenstein and The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother.

Finally, there is also Max Feldman, who was a successful songwriter and record producer. He wrote songs for artists like Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and Barbra Streisand, and produced records for artists like Diana Ross and The Supremes.

So, as you can see, there are plenty of famous people in history with the last name Feldman. If you're ever looking for a good conversation starter, just ask someone if they know any of them!

Where Does The Last Name Feldman Rank In The Most Common US Names?

The last name Feldman is not one of the most common US names. In fact, it ranks at number 4,587th most common, according to the Social Security Administration. This means that there are only about 1,730 people in the United States with the last name Feldman.So, where does the last name Feldman rank in terms of most common US names? It is far less common than the top 10 most common US last names, which are: Smith, Johnson, Williams, Brown, Jones, Davis, Miller, Garcia, Moore, and Hernandez. In fact, it is even less common than the top 100 most common US last names.

Interestingly, the last name Feldman is more common in the United States than it is in other countries. For example, it is the 1,208th most common last name in England, the 2,023rd most common last name in Canada, and the 4,587th most common last name in the United States.

So, if you are named Feldman, you can be proud to have a unique name that is not common in the United States. And, if you are looking for a unique last name for your baby, Feldman could be a great option!

List of People with the Last Name Feldman

Mary FeldmanRichard FeldmanDavid FeldmanMark FeldmanMichael FeldmanS FeldmanRobert FeldmanR FeldmanSteven FeldmanSusan FeldmanWilliam FeldmanBarbara FeldmanD FeldmanDaniel FeldmanJohn FeldmanSamuel FeldmanElizabeth FeldmanJoseph FeldmanHarry FeldmanLouis FeldmanJack FeldmanSarah FeldmanRose FeldmanEdward FeldmanSteve FeldmanJeffrey FeldmanPaul FeldmanLisa FeldmanLinda FeldmanJames FeldmanJennifer FeldmanCharles FeldmanBenjamin FeldmanRuth FeldmanNancy FeldmanJacob FeldmanAndrew FeldmanGary FeldmanKaren FeldmanDeborah FeldmanAnna FeldmanEsther FeldmanLawrence FeldmanSam FeldmanAlan FeldmanJoshua FeldmanHelen FeldmanAmy FeldmanSylvia FeldmanMartin FeldmanRachel FeldmanJudith FeldmanMax FeldmanMatthew FeldmanDorothy FeldmanLarry FeldmanMorris FeldmanScott FeldmanJonathan FeldmanRebecca FeldmanIrving FeldmanPatricia FeldmanCarol FeldmanAlex FeldmanRonald FeldmanMichelle FeldmanJessica FeldmanLaura FeldmanHoward FeldmanN FeldmanAbraham FeldmanSara FeldmanLillian FeldmanStephen FeldmanEric FeldmanAlexander FeldmanBernard FeldmanAnn FeldmanBrian FeldmanLeonard FeldmanKenneth FeldmanDebra FeldmanMargaret FeldmanSandra FeldmanEllen FeldmanShirley FeldmanSharon FeldmanHenry FeldmanJulie FeldmanBetty FeldmanAdam FeldmanNathan FeldmanGeorge FeldmanHarold FeldmanAnne FeldmanBen FeldmanDonna FeldmanAlbert FeldmanStanley FeldmanMelissa FeldmanArthur FeldmanBruce FeldmanMarc FeldmanLauren FeldmanJason FeldmanGerald FeldmanFred FeldmanRobin FeldmanAaron FeldmanDonald FeldmanDiane FeldmanJoan FeldmanBeth FeldmanJean FeldmanThomas FeldmanStephanie FeldmanMike FeldmanLori FeldmanMarilyn FeldmanBarry FeldmanJanet FeldmanGregory FeldmanAndrea FeldmanFrances FeldmanFlorence FeldmanEmily FeldmanIda FeldmanJudy FeldmanSidney FeldmanPamela FeldmanJerry FeldmanPeter FeldmanJerome FeldmanMarvin FeldmanPhilip FeldmanJill FeldmanLee FeldmanHerbert FeldmanAmanda FeldmanMaria FeldmanHerman FeldmanIrene FeldmanJay FeldmanMiriam FeldmanJane FeldmanEvelyn FeldmanLeslie FeldmanAllen FeldmanGertrude FeldmanElaine FeldmanStuart FeldmanPhyllis FeldmanCynthia FeldmanKathleen FeldmanJanice FeldmanFrank FeldmanJulia FeldmanDiana FeldmanJacqueline FeldmanEva FeldmanMilton FeldmanValarie FeldmanMarie FeldmanJoyce FeldmanStacey FeldmanAllan FeldmanAlice FeldmanHarriet FeldmanLynn FeldmanNicole FeldmanLaurie FeldmanSally FeldmanKatherine FeldmanMildred FeldmanHannah FeldmanJan FeldmanChristine FeldmanMichele FeldmanLeo FeldmanKimberly FeldmanAllison FeldmanFrederick FeldmanBeatrice FeldmanArnold FeldmanLeah FeldmanPauline FeldmanJoe FeldmanJustin FeldmanBeverly FeldmanZachary FeldmanCarl FeldmanRaymond FeldmanRita FeldmanHarvey FeldmanBertha FeldmanCatherine FeldmanPaula FeldmanBoris FeldmanMarcia FeldmanAbe FeldmanSol FeldmanGail FeldmanPearl FeldmanSolomon FeldmanMitchell FeldmanRoger FeldmanSuzanne FeldmanNorman FeldmanSheila FeldmanWendy FeldmanTodd FeldmanCheryl FeldmanSophie FeldmanDouglas FeldmanEdith FeldmanChristopher FeldmanVictor FeldmanRoberta FeldmanJoanne FeldmanGloria FeldmanMelvin FeldmanKevin FeldmanWalter FeldmanMinnie FeldmanEthel FeldmanRyan FeldmanEugene FeldmanTimothy FeldmanIra FeldmanTheodore FeldmanIrina FeldmanRenee FeldmanArlene FeldmanMarion FeldmanLois FeldmanCelia FeldmanMartha FeldmanNatalie FeldmanMurray FeldmanFannie FeldmanSamantha FeldmanJoel FeldmanSadie FeldmanKeith FeldmanBessie FeldmanEileen FeldmanNicholas FeldmanTracy FeldmanHyman FeldmanClara FeldmanSeymour FeldmanHelene FeldmanLeon FeldmanVirginia FeldmanMollie FeldmanLouise FeldmanCarolyn FeldmanMarlene FeldmanDoris FeldmanTheresa FeldmanMeyer FeldmanBonnie FeldmanIrwin FeldmanNeil FeldmanMarjorie FeldmanBernice FeldmanAshley FeldmanIsrael FeldmanJared FeldmanCraig FeldmanNaomi FeldmanIsaac FeldmanMaurice FeldmanSeth FeldmanLewis FeldmanDana FeldmanMikhail FeldmanEstelle FeldmanMarina FeldmanCharlotte FeldmanJulius FeldmanMoshe FeldmanLeonid FeldmanRalph FeldmanDora FeldmanDennis FeldmanAlvin FeldmanAlexandra FeldmanIsadore FeldmanFrieda FeldmanEmma FeldmanEvan FeldmanNoah FeldmanSelma FeldmanBella FeldmanEdwin FeldmanSaul FeldmanMorton FeldmanLena FeldmanSimon Feldman