How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Feliciano?

There are about 273 people in the US with the last name Feliciano. This makes it the 4,362nd most common last name in the country. Interestingly, this name is more common in Puerto Rico than it is in the US.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Feliciano?

If you're looking for a place with a lot of Felicianos, you'll want to head to California. According to the 2010 US Census, California has the largest population of people with the last name Feliciano. In second place is Texas, followed by New York and Florida. So if you're looking to meet people with the same last name, these are the states to check out!

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Feliciano?

When you think of uncommon last names, what comes to mind? Perhaps something like Nguyen or Zabala. But what about Feliciano?It's not exactly a common name, but it's not unheard of either. In fact, according to the 2010 Census, there are nearly 24,000 people in the United States with the last name Feliciano. That may sound like a lot, but it's actually only the 602nd most common last name in the country.

So, what are the most uncommon names with the last name Feliciano? Here are a few possibilities:

1. Andrea Feliciano

2. Carlos Feliciano

3. Debra Feliciano

4. Dominic Feliciano

5. Enrique Feliciano

6. Francisco Feliciano

7. Giovanni Feliciano

8. Howard Feliciano

9. Irving Feliciano

10. Jasmine Feliciano

As you can see, there are a variety of different names that fall under the Feliciano last name. Whether you're looking for a unique baby name or simply want to find a less common last name, Feliciano could be a good option.

List of People with the Last Name Feliciano

Jose FelicianoMaria FelicianoJuan FelicianoAngel FelicianoLuis FelicianoCarlos FelicianoHector FelicianoDavid FelicianoAna FelicianoLuz FelicianoRosa FelicianoRamon FelicianoCarmen FelicianoM FelicianoElizabeth FelicianoPedro FelicianoJessica FelicianoMiguel FelicianoEdwin FelicianoRafael FelicianoDaniel FelicianoVictor FelicianoWilliam FelicianoMichael FelicianoFrancisco FelicianoAntonio FelicianoJennifer FelicianoJohn FelicianoRobert FelicianoAnthony FelicianoJulio FelicianoManuel FelicianoC FelicianoRoberto FelicianoJoseph FelicianoJorge FelicianoEvelyn FelicianoWilfredo FelicianoMary FelicianoMargarita FelicianoNancy FelicianoJesus FelicianoRichard FelicianoAnna FelicianoRaymond FelicianoGloria FelicianoWanda FelicianoJonathan FelicianoNelson FelicianoSandra FelicianoGladys FelicianoL FelicianoLouis FelicianoMelissa FelicianoRicardo FelicianoSonia FelicianoIris FelicianoFelix FelicianoChristopher FelicianoOlga FelicianoRaul FelicianoLisa FelicianoAngela FelicianoRuben FelicianoAida FelicianoSamuel FelicianoMaritza FelicianoEddie FelicianoMichelle FelicianoMarisol FelicianoAlex FelicianoStephanie FelicianoMiriam FelicianoDiana FelicianoAlberto FelicianoYolanda FelicianoFernando FelicianoLinda FelicianoMilagros FelicianoChristina FelicianoBenjamin FelicianoNorma FelicianoCynthia FelicianoIsmael FelicianoEric FelicianoJoshua FelicianoIsrael FelicianoEdgar FelicianoJavier FelicianoJoel FelicianoLydia FelicianoJaime FelicianoAlexis FelicianoJacqueline FelicianoMaribel FelicianoPablo FelicianoAmanda FelicianoEdward FelicianoMarilyn FelicianoGeorge FelicianoVanessa FelicianoJason FelicianoAlicia FelicianoBlanca FelicianoChristian FelicianoJulia FelicianoAlexander FelicianoLourdes FelicianoEfrain FelicianoJames FelicianoGilberto FelicianoVirginia FelicianoLillian FelicianoJanet FelicianoNicole FelicianoFrank FelicianoBrenda FelicianoIvette FelicianoIsabel FelicianoRebecca FelicianoAshley FelicianoDoris FelicianoPatricia FelicianoSantos FelicianoAlfredo FelicianoGabriel FelicianoRuth FelicianoNilda FelicianoHeriberto FelicianoNoel FelicianoEdgardo FelicianoEnrique FelicianoMigdalia FelicianoSteven FelicianoIvan FelicianoReinaldo FelicianoVictoria FelicianoLaura FelicianoJohnny FelicianoJuana FelicianoAlbert FelicianoTeresa FelicianoDaisy FelicianoThomas FelicianoDomingo FelicianoKaren FelicianoJosue FelicianoOmar FelicianoBarbara FelicianoArmando FelicianoGilbert FelicianoHilda FelicianoIrma FelicianoDeborah FelicianoLucy FelicianoSusan FelicianoRose FelicianoAda FelicianoEduardo FelicianoVeronica FelicianoMartha FelicianoWilson FelicianoChristine FelicianoSarah FelicianoCristina FelicianoCarmelo FelicianoKatherine FelicianoSara FelicianoJeanette FelicianoJosephine FelicianoCarol FelicianoKimberly FelicianoMadeline FelicianoYvette FelicianoMildred FelicianoJuanita FelicianoRaquel FelicianoAndrea FelicianoYesenia FelicianoMonica FelicianoCecilia FelicianoNicholas FelicianoMarie FelicianoAngelica FelicianoDiane FelicianoMayra FelicianoMarta FelicianoJasmine FelicianoTony FelicianoJustin FelicianoKevin FelicianoSamantha FelicianoMario FelicianoVivian FelicianoMercedes FelicianoPaul FelicianoOrlando FelicianoDamaris FelicianoAlexandra FelicianoEva FelicianoDennis FelicianoEmily FelicianoSylvia FelicianoElba FelicianoJulie FelicianoMelanie FelicianoAmy FelicianoJudith FelicianoDenise FelicianoSharon FelicianoAndres FelicianoCharles FelicianoNoemi FelicianoLissette FelicianoEsther FelicianoAnnette FelicianoEdith FelicianoDolores FelicianoJimmy FelicianoAlejandro FelicianoAndrew FelicianoMelvin FelicianoNatalie FelicianoMinerva FelicianoLeslie FelicianoCesar FelicianoAdrian FelicianoElsa FelicianoCatherine FelicianoRamona FelicianoCrystal FelicianoMyrna FelicianoTomas FelicianoNereida FelicianoErnesto FelicianoNilsa FelicianoHenry FelicianoMargaret FelicianoMatthew FelicianoRene FelicianoMartin FelicianoBrunilda FelicianoLeonardo FelicianoElisa FelicianoFrances FelicianoAwilda FelicianoHarry FelicianoAntonia FelicianoMonserrate FelicianoCruz FelicianoEliezer FelicianoSantiago FelicianoZoraida FelicianoIvonne FelicianoRalph FelicianoEugenio FelicianoMark FelicianoPaula FelicianoElsie FelicianoMilton FelicianoEmma FelicianoRonald FelicianoHaydee FelicianoFelipe FelicianoReynaldo FelicianoJosefina FelicianoFrancisca FelicianoNeftali FelicianoBrandon FelicianoPeter FelicianoLorraine FelicianoBrian FelicianoNorberto FelicianoOsvaldo FelicianoOscar FelicianoAriel FelicianoMarcos FelicianoLuisa FelicianoNelida FelicianoInes FelicianoRadames FelicianoNatasha FelicianoSalvador FelicianoRolando FelicianoElena FelicianoGregorio FelicianoElvin FelicianoEsteban FelicianoGuillermo FelicianoAnibal FelicianoFelicita FelicianoRodolfo FelicianoJosefa FelicianoEmilio FelicianoJoaquin FelicianoZaida FelicianoAgustin FelicianoAurora FelicianoRamonita FelicianoAmparo Feliciano