What Is The History Of The Last Name Ferris?

The surname Ferris has been traced back to the Gaelic word "Fearr" meaning "the best". The name was first brought to Ireland by settlers who arrived during the Norman Invasion of 1169. One of the most famous Ferris' is probably Robert Ferris who was an American soldier and politician. He fought in the Revolutionary War and was later elected to Congress.There are many different theories about the origin of the Ferris surname. One popular theory is that it is derived from the French word "fer", meaning "iron". Another theory is that it is derived from the Gaelic word "ferr", meaning "wild". There are also a number of place names in England and Scotland which share the Ferris name, such as Ferrisburgh in Vermont and Ferrisdale in Scotland.

Whatever the origin of the name, Ferris is now a common surname found all over the world. It is especially popular in the United States, where there are many Ferris families living in every state. If you are interested in tracing your Ferris ancestry, there are a number of resources available online. You can start by searching the FamilySearch database or the Ancestry.com website.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Ferris?

There are many famous people in history with the last name Ferris. For example, there is George Ferris, who designed and built the original Ferris wheel. There is also Douglas Ferris, who was a computer scientist and one of the early developers of the IBM 360 series of computers. Other notable people with the last name Ferris include the actor Jerry Ferris, the author Gertrude Ferris, and the singer Jennie Ferris.

Where Does The Last Name Ferris Rank In The Most Common US Names?

There are many interesting facts about names and where they rank in popularity. For example, did you know that the last name Ferris is not as common as you may think? In fact, it only ranks as the 1,844th most common name in the United States. This is significantly less common than the top 10 names, which are all either Biblical or popular American names.So, if you are thinking about naming your child Ferris, you may want to reconsider. There are many more popular names to choose from that will still make your child stand out. However, if you are absolutely set on the name Ferris, there are ways to make it unique. You could choose a different spelling, such as Ferriss, or you could give your child a middle name that is more unique. No matter what you choose, the most important thing is that your child feels loved and valued.

List of People with the Last Name Ferris

Robert FerrisMary FerrisJames FerrisThomas FerrisJoseph FerrisJ FerrisDavid FerrisMichael FerrisCharles FerrisWilliam FerrisRichard FerrisJohn FerrisElizabeth FerrisPatricia FerrisD FerrisJennifer FerrisGeorge FerrisLinda FerrisSusan FerrisBarbara FerrisS FerrisDaniel FerrisDonald FerrisMargaret FerrisMark FerrisKathleen FerrisKaren FerrisL FerrisLisa FerrisChristopher FerrisChris FerrisHelen FerrisMichelle FerrisKenneth FerrisSteven FerrisEdward FerrisPaul FerrisLaura FerrisKimberly FerrisScott FerrisFrank FerrisChristine FerrisJessica FerrisSteve FerrisCarol FerrisSandra FerrisJeffrey FerrisNancy FerrisDeborah FerrisPamela FerrisDonna FerrisDorothy FerrisMike FerrisSarah FerrisTimothy FerrisMelissa FerrisRonald FerrisStephen FerrisBetty FerrisJoe FerrisAmy FerrisAnn FerrisMatthew FerrisRebecca FerrisBrian FerrisKatherine FerrisKelly FerrisCatherine FerrisAmanda FerrisRuth FerrisJeff FerrisAndrew FerrisCynthia FerrisJulie FerrisKim FerrisAnthony FerrisAnna FerrisBill FerrisJason FerrisStephanie FerrisKevin FerrisJean FerrisAngela FerrisJoan FerrisSharon FerrisFrances FerrisHeather FerrisDiane FerrisW FerrisDebra FerrisRyan FerrisJane FerrisDon FerrisCheryl FerrisRaymond FerrisJanet FerrisLarry FerrisJoshua FerrisChristina FerrisDouglas FerrisCindy FerrisFrancis FerrisMartha FerrisAnne FerrisTerry FerrisVirginia FerrisEmily FerrisArthur FerrisJoyce FerrisTom FerrisGary FerrisRose FerrisPatrick FerrisTheresa FerrisSue FerrisAlice FerrisNicole FerrisMarie FerrisKathryn FerrisShirley FerrisAshley FerrisJudith FerrisBrenda FerrisPeter FerrisGerald FerrisJudy FerrisWalter FerrisLawrence FerrisRobin FerrisFred FerrisLeslie FerrisJack FerrisRoger FerrisGregory FerrisHarold FerrisCarolyn FerrisDawn FerrisRachel FerrisEvelyn FerrisTeresa FerrisKyle FerrisLori FerrisMarilyn FerrisBeverly FerrisTammy FerrisJerry FerrisEugene FerrisJustin FerrisRussell FerrisJanice FerrisTina FerrisCraig FerrisJonathan FerrisSean FerrisJamie FerrisNicholas FerrisDiana FerrisCarl FerrisHenry FerrisMaria FerrisMichele FerrisBenjamin FerrisLouis FerrisGrace FerrisMildred FerrisJill FerrisBeth FerrisSamuel FerrisLillian FerrisRoy FerrisFrederick FerrisDenise FerrisLee FerrisAndrea FerrisJulia FerrisAlbert FerrisVictoria FerrisShawn FerrisFlorence FerrisMegan FerrisBrandon FerrisDennis FerrisGail FerrisWendy FerrisKeith FerrisJacob FerrisSara FerrisLynn FerrisHarry FerrisDoris FerrisLeonard FerrisJacqueline FerrisErin FerrisCrystal FerrisSamantha FerrisBrent FerrisConnie FerrisBrad FerrisGloria FerrisAmber FerrisKatie FerrisEric FerrisEllen FerrisJoanne FerrisEdna FerrisRick FerrisBonnie FerrisBruce FerrisLouise FerrisLaurie FerrisSam FerrisTracy FerrisMarjorie FerrisPeggy FerrisStanley FerrisPaula FerrisRandy FerrisIrene FerrisDale FerrisDanielle FerrisPhilip FerrisNorman FerrisWayne FerrisKristen FerrisHolly FerrisGlenn FerrisHoward FerrisBradley FerrisMaureen FerrisLauren FerrisKristin FerrisSuzanne FerrisMartin FerrisJosephine FerrisColleen FerrisElaine FerrisJeremy FerrisGordon FerrisAdam FerrisHerbert FerrisSally FerrisAlfred FerrisJay FerrisEsther FerrisNorma FerrisMarion FerrisEarl FerrisPhyllis FerrisAaron FerrisDarlene FerrisRalph FerrisTodd FerrisAlan FerrisCarrie FerrisTyler FerrisJon FerrisCharlotte FerrisRoberta FerrisCourtney FerrisRita FerrisEleanor FerrisClifford FerrisLorraine FerrisZachary FerrisAudrey FerrisValerie FerrisEthel FerrisRandall FerrisClara FerrisClarence FerrisHazel FerrisJesse FerrisPhillip FerrisCaroline FerrisDean FerrisKay FerrisTheodore FerrisJoel FerrisEva FerrisGladys FerrisMabel FerrisClyde FerrisWarren FerrisBernard FerrisEdith FerrisLois FerrisLucille FerrisDolores FerrisAgnes FerrisGeraldine FerrisAlexander FerrisRegina FerrisFloyd FerrisBernice FerrisPauline FerrisNathan FerrisChad FerrisHarvey FerrisElmer FerrisThelma Ferris