What Is The History Of The Last Name Fink?

There are many different theories about where the last name Fink comes from. One theory is that it is derived from the German word "Finkenwerder", which means "a place where fowls are kept". Another theory is that it is derived from the Yiddish word "fenk", which means "a trader in fowls". There is also a theory that it is derived from the Old English word "finc", which means "a finch".The Fink family has a long and interesting history. Some of the earliest documented members of the family were Heinrich Fink, who was born in 1590 in Germany, and Hans Fink, who was born in 1602 in Switzerland. Both of these men served in the Swiss Guard. Other notable members of the family include Joseph Fink, who was a journalist and publisher in the early 20th century, and Milton Fink, who was a successful businessman and philanthropist.

If you are interested in learning more about the history of the Fink family, there are several books and websites that you can check out. One of the best sources of information is the Fink Family Association website, which contains a wealth of information about the family's history, genealogy, and traditions.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Fink?

There are actually a few famous people in history with the last name Fink. One example is Edwin Fink, who was a successful businessman and philanthropist. He founded the Edwin Fink Foundation, which supports arts and education programs. Another famous Fink is Norbert Fink, a German physicist who developed the Fink-Hermansen theory of stellar structure.So if you're looking for a famous person with your last name, it's definitely worth doing a little research to see if you have any relatives who have made a name for themselves. And even if you don't have any famous kin, you can always take pride in the fact that you share your last name with some pretty impressive people!

Where Does The Last Name Fink Rank In The Most Common US Names?

Do you know what your last name is worth on the open market? Believe it or not, there is actually a ranking of the most common US last names, and Fink just happens to rank number 16!There are a few takeaways from this list. First of all, it just goes to show you how common some last names are in the US. Secondly, it's interesting to see which last names are on the list – some of them may come as a surprise to you. Finally, it's always fun to see how your last name ranks in comparison to others.

So, what does your last name rank on the list? And how does it compare to your friends and family? Chances are, you'll be in good company with a last name like Fink!

List of People with the Last Name Fink

John FinkWilliam FinkM FinkSusan FinkJoseph FinkThomas FinkMary FinkDavid FinkRichard FinkElizabeth FinkJames FinkJ FinkRobert FinkJennifer FinkMichael FinkPatricia FinkS FinkC FinkCharles FinkDonald FinkDaniel FinkEdward FinkBarbara FinkLisa FinkKaren FinkGeorge FinkMargaret FinkSteven FinkPaul FinkLinda FinkKenneth FinkJeffrey FinkBrian FinkCarol FinkDorothy FinkMichelle FinkRonald FinkDeborah FinkSarah FinkChris FinkHelen FinkMatthew FinkE FinkChristopher FinkRuth FinkAnna FinkAmy FinkDonna FinkGary FinkSandra FinkKathleen FinkMike FinkBetty FinkAndrew FinkJessica FinkLaura FinkRebecca FinkMelissa FinkLawrence FinkNancy FinkMark FinkPamela FinkDebra FinkHarold FinkJeff FinkJoshua FinkRaymond FinkKimberly FinkSharon FinkAnn FinkChristine FinkJason FinkKatherine FinkCynthia FinkKevin FinkAmanda FinkFrank FinkStephen FinkHarry FinkJoe FinkStephanie FinkRose FinkTimothy FinkAlbert FinkCatherine FinkAngela FinkDebbie FinkDiane FinkJanet FinkLarry FinkMarie FinkEric FinkPhyllis FinkJerry FinkKelly FinkLori FinkLouis FinkJulie FinkCarl FinkFrances FinkKim FinkJack FinkShirley FinkFred FinkWalter FinkKathy FinkScott FinkNicole FinkHenry FinkJudith FinkHeather FinkJane FinkCheryl FinkDouglas FinkTheresa FinkJacob FinkDon FinkDennis FinkRachel FinkJonathan FinkJoan FinkRobin FinkCarolyn FinkGerald FinkFrederick FinkJamie FinkGregory FinkCindy FinkHoward FinkJean FinkBrenda FinkArthur FinkJudy FinkTeresa FinkAshley FinkEvelyn FinkAlice FinkSara FinkRyan FinkBruce FinkEmily FinkDenise FinkTerry FinkBeverly FinkLauren FinkPeter FinkAnne FinkChristina FinkNathan FinkTracy FinkAnthony FinkAlan FinkTammy FinkSamuel FinkAaron FinkAdam FinkIrene FinkJustin FinkKathryn FinkBenjamin FinkMildred FinkJoyce FinkTina FinkDawn FinkMarilyn FinkRoger FinkVirginia FinkEugene FinkMaria FinkAmber FinkEllen FinkMegan FinkDale FinkDanielle FinkFrancis FinkAndrea FinkRandy FinkBrandon FinkLois FinkAllen FinkStanley FinkRalph FinkFlorence FinkJeremy FinkLeslie FinkElaine FinkJulia FinkDiana FinkPatrick FinkWendy FinkConnie FinkSamantha FinkMartha FinkErin FinkWayne FinkJerome FinkNicholas FinkDoris FinkJanice FinkVictoria FinkLillian FinkBonnie FinkKristen FinkLynn FinkBernard FinkMartin FinkLee FinkZachary FinkEsther FinkTodd FinkJoanne FinkRussell FinkNorman FinkHerman FinkShannon FinkGrace FinkSheila FinkEleanor FinkMarjorie FinkLeonard FinkSylvia FinkMarvin FinkGail FinkAllison FinkJay FinkJon FinkBarry FinkKyle FinkPeggy FinkEdna FinkLouise FinkHerbert FinkSally FinkSuzanne FinkGertrude FinkRoy FinkEmma FinkKristin FinkJoel FinkEdith FinkErnest FinkKeith FinkGlenn FinkBradley FinkBryan FinkHolly FinkEarl FinkNorma FinkCarrie FinkCharlotte FinkEdwin FinkJesse FinkDolores FinkJordan FinkIda FinkTyler FinkRita FinkHannah FinkEva FinkBertha FinkGladys FinkCrystal FinkVictor FinkClara FinkLeon FinkElsie FinkMax FinkEthel FinkAlfred FinkTheodore FinkPauline FinkEileen FinkRegina FinkPhilip FinkAlexander FinkElmer FinkTroy FinkIrving FinkGloria FinkLeroy FinkCraig FinkKarl FinkLeo FinkPearl FinkMitchell FinkAllan FinkMelvin FinkAustin FinkClarence FinkHarvey FinkMorris FinkChad FinkHazel FinkJared FinkBessie FinkTravis FinkBernice FinkMinnie FinkLloyd FinkBeatrice Fink