Historical Information About The Last Name Finney

The surname Finney has a long and interesting history. The name is derived from the Gaelic word "finne" meaning "fair-haired one". The name was brought to Scotland by the Norsemen, and was first introduced to England by the Normans following the Norman Conquest.One of the earliest recorded bearers of the name was Walter Finney, who was documented in the Domesday Book of 1086. Other early Finneys include Sir John Finney, who was knighted by King Henry III in 1267, and John Finney, who was elected to Parliament in 1327.

The Finney family has a long and proud history of military service. Many Finneys have fought in wars throughout history, including the English Civil War, the American Revolutionary War, the American Civil War, and both World Wars.

The Finney name has also been associated with many notable figures through history. For example, the composer Charles I. G. Finney was born into the Finney family in 1882. Other notable Finneys include the actor Gene Finney and the baseball player Tom Finney.

The Finney name is an important part of English and American history, and it is sure to continue to be a prominent part of society for many years to come.

The Popularity Of Finney As The Last Name

It is interesting to note the popularity of Finney as a last name. According to the United States Census Bureau, Finney is the 8,799th most common surname in the United States. This means that out of the estimated 132.8 million people in the United States, approximately 9,000 of them have Finney as their last name.There are several theories as to the origin of the surname Finney. One theory is that the surname is derived from the Gaelic name O'Fionnachta, which means "descendant of Fionnacht". Another theory is that the surname is derived from the Anglo-Saxon name Finna, which means "fair".

Whatever the origin of the surname, it is clear that Finney is a fairly common name. And, interestingly, the popularity of the name seems to be on the rise. In the 1990 United States Census, Finney was the 9,871st most common surname in the country. But in the 2000 United States Census, Finney was the 8,799th most common surname. This suggests that the name is becoming increasingly popular.

So why is the name Finney becoming more popular? It is hard to say for sure, but one possibility is that the name is becoming more popular because it is unique. Unlike many common surnames, Finney is not easily confused with other names. And, as the United States becomes more and more multicultural, people are looking for names that are unique and distinct.

Whatever the reason, it is clear that the surname Finney is becoming more popular. If you are looking for a unique and distinct name, then Finney may be a good option.

Naming Ideas With Finney As The Last Name

When it comes to naming your baby, there are a lot of things to consider. But if you're looking for a unique name with a cool history, why not consider Finney as the last name?Finney is a name that is steeped in history. It was originally an Old English name meaning "English friend." It was also the name of an early American settler and a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Finney is also a name that is on the rise in popularity. It was ranked the 927th most popular name in the United States in 2017. And with its cool history and unique pronunciation (FIN-nee), it's a name that is sure to stand out in a crowd.

If you're looking for a unique name for your baby, Finney is a great option. And with its cool history and rising popularity, your child is sure to love their name for years to come.

List of People with the Last Name Finney

Robert FinneyJames FinneyMary FinneyJohn FinneyMichael FinneyWilliam FinneyJ FinneyDavid FinneyCharles FinneyM FinneyC FinneyPatricia FinneyR FinneyBarbara FinneyGeorge FinneyThomas FinneyRichard FinneyElizabeth FinneyJoseph FinneyLinda FinneyJennifer FinneyDonald FinneySusan FinneyMargaret FinneyB FinneyLisa FinneyA FinneySandra FinneyDeborah FinneyBrian FinneySarah FinneyMark FinneyMichelle FinneyChris FinneyAngela FinneySharon FinneyChristopher FinneyDaniel FinneyT FinneyLaura FinneyDorothy FinneySteven FinneyEdward FinneyPamela FinneyCarol FinneyDonna FinneyBetty FinneyPaul FinneyKaren FinneyKenneth FinneyKevin FinneyKimberly FinneyHelen FinneyNancy FinneyMatthew FinneyLarry FinneySteve FinneyLawrence FinneyCynthia FinneyBrenda FinneyRonald FinneyW FinneyKathleen FinneyMelissa FinneyRebecca FinneyJessica FinneyAnthony FinneyJack FinneyChristina FinneyDiane FinneyAndrew FinneyTimothy FinneyJerry FinneyFrank FinneyShirley FinneyAmanda FinneyPatrick FinneyJoe FinneyHarold FinneyWillie FinneyTerry FinneyStephen FinneyDon FinneyCarolyn FinneyGary FinneyRaymond FinneyDebra FinneyChristine FinneyStephanie FinneyNicole FinneyJason FinneyCatherine FinneyKathy FinneyKelly FinneyJeffrey FinneyAnna FinneyDouglas FinneyHeather FinneyJonathan FinneyDebbie FinneyAmy FinneyBill FinneyJacqueline FinneyCheryl FinneyKim FinneyScott FinneyWalter FinneyVirginia FinneyAshley FinneyRyan FinneyTeresa FinneyAnn FinneyRobin FinneyJanice FinneyBilly FinneyRuth FinneyJanet FinneyLee FinneyCarl FinneyMarie FinneyAlice FinneyJudy FinneyEvelyn FinneyShannon FinneyAaron FinneyJulie FinneyJean FinneySamuel FinneyJoshua FinneyEric FinneyFrances FinneyKatherine FinneyTracy FinneyRachel FinneyJoan FinneyJoyce FinneyTammy FinneyArthur FinneyMartha FinneyMildred FinneyRose FinneyRoy FinneyLori FinneyErnest FinneyDenise FinneyGregory FinneyConnie FinneyTina FinneyAlbert FinneyDawn FinneyCathy FinneyJane FinneyLouise FinneyMegan FinneyHenry FinneyDanielle FinneySuzanne FinneyFred FinneyKathryn FinneyJudith FinneySheila FinneyClara FinneyMarilyn FinneyApril FinneyErin FinneyCurtis FinneyAmber FinneyDoris FinneyValerie FinneyTheresa FinneyKeith FinneySean FinneyGloria FinneyRandy FinneyBeverly FinneyShawn FinneyBruce FinneyMaria FinneyGerald FinneyJamie FinneyDiana FinneyFlorence FinneyEarl FinneyDennis FinneySamantha FinneyBonnie FinneyBrandon FinneySue FinneyClarence FinneyRuby FinneyBenjamin FinneyJustin FinneySara FinneyRay FinneyLeslie FinneyJill FinneyWayne FinneyPhyllis FinneyCarrie FinneyDale FinneyJimmy FinneyAnnie FinneyTiffany FinneyRicky FinneyTonya FinneyJulia FinneyAlan FinneyPeggy FinneyEugene FinneyJesse FinneyJohnny FinneyLois FinneyAndrea FinneyElaine FinneyTracey FinneyErica FinneyEmma FinneyNicholas FinneyBrittany FinneyRoger FinneyRalph FinneyHoward FinneyDana FinneyLauren FinneyTyler FinneyRita FinneyGail FinneyRhonda FinneyEddie FinneyKyle FinneyTodd FinneyBobby FinneyGladys FinneyJeremy FinneyLillian FinneyJacob FinneyClifford FinneyEllen FinneyEmily FinneyVictoria FinneyPaula FinneyGrace FinneyJay FinneyVanessa FinneyJeanette FinneyJessie FinneyBryan FinneyAlexander FinneyBertha FinneyDarlene FinneySherry FinneyJuanita FinneyTravis FinneyMarjorie FinneyGlenn FinneyEdith FinneyRussell FinneyLouis FinneyRegina FinneyFrederick FinneyLeonard FinneyNorman FinneyHazel FinneyPhillip FinneyHerbert FinneyJordan FinneyMae FinneyLeon FinneyNathan FinneyRandall FinneyMarion FinneyClyde FinneyDarrell FinneyPeter FinneyCharlie FinneyCharlotte FinneyCraig FinneyAlma FinneyHarry FinneyMelvin FinneyGeorgia FinneyDerek FinneyAdam FinneyEdwin FinneyMarvin FinneyIrvin FinneyEthel FinneyLorraine FinneyMaurice FinneyRodney FinneyReginald FinneyChad FinneyEsther FinneyTroy FinneyCalvin FinneyTaylor FinneyLester FinneyWarren FinneyElsie FinneyAda Finney