What Is The History Of The Last Name Fitzgerald?

The Fitzgerald surname is one of the most popular surnames in the world. The history of the last name Fitzgerald is an interesting one, and it is thought to have originated in Ireland. There are many theories as to how the Fitzgerald name came about, but the most popular theory is that it is derived from the Irish Gaelic name O'Fionnghaile, which means "descendant of Fionnghal." Fionnghal was a legendary figure in Irish folklore who was known for his great wisdom and bravery.The Fitzgeralds were a powerful and influential family in Ireland for many years. They were lords of Desmond, a region in Ireland that is now part of the county of Cork. The Fitzgeralds were also a prominent family in English politics. Many members of the family served in high-ranking positions in the English government, and one Fitzgerald even became the King of England.

The Fitzgeralds were forced to flee Ireland in the early 17th century after they sided with the Catholic Irish against the English Protestant government. Many of them settled in England, while others moved to the United States. The Fitzgeralds played a significant role in the history of both Ireland and the United States.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Fitzgerald?

Do you know anyone with the last name Fitzgerald? If so, you may be interested to know that there are quite a few famous people in history with that last name. For example, F. Scott Fitzgerald was an American author who wrote classics like The Great Gatsby. Zelda Fitzgerald was his wife and also a writer. Another famous Fitzgerald is John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States. There are also a few famous athletes with the last name Fitzgerald, including Desmond Fitzgerald, a former rugby player for Ireland, and Kerry Fitzgerald, a professional Australian Rules Football player.So what is it about the Fitzgeralds that make them so famous? It could be that they are a particularly talented family, or maybe it's due to their unique last name. Whatever the reason, if you're interested in history, you'll definitely want to learn more about the Fitzgeralds!

Where Does The Last Name Fitzgerald Rank In The Most Common US Names?

The Fitzgerald name is not one of the most common US names. It ranks at number 4,547 in the list of most common US names. This means that it is not one of the most common names in the US.

List of People with the Last Name Fitzgerald

Marie FitzgeraldDorothy FitzgeraldPatricia FitzgeraldRobert FitzgeraldBetty FitzgeraldJoseph FitzgeraldPat FitzgeraldMargaret FitzgeraldHelen FitzgeraldRuth FitzgeraldM FitzgeraldCarol FitzgeraldSharon FitzgeraldBill FitzgeraldKatherine FitzgeraldDeborah FitzgeraldAnna FitzgeraldShannon FitzgeraldJean FitzgeraldJoe FitzgeraldMelissa FitzgeraldScott FitzgeraldJoan FitzgeraldMary FitzgeraldSarah FitzgeraldJohn FitzgeraldNancy FitzgeraldJane FitzgeraldThomas FitzgeraldChris FitzgeraldEdward FitzgeraldLaura FitzgeraldSandra FitzgeraldSean FitzgeraldChristine FitzgeraldCharles FitzgeraldKevin FitzgeraldJames FitzgeraldElizabeth FitzgeraldMichelle FitzgeraldBarbara FitzgeraldErin FitzgeraldKathleen FitzgeraldDavid FitzgeraldChristopher FitzgeraldJennifer FitzgeraldFrancis FitzgeraldRebecca FitzgeraldSteven FitzgeraldJ FitzgeraldLisa FitzgeraldMichael FitzgeraldDebra FitzgeraldA FitzgeraldWilliam FitzgeraldPamela FitzgeraldAnne FitzgeraldC FitzgeraldPatrick FitzgeraldCynthia FitzgeraldT FitzgeraldCatherine FitzgeraldTom FitzgeraldLinda FitzgeraldK FitzgeraldRyan FitzgeraldAnn FitzgeraldKenneth FitzgeraldPaul FitzgeraldDonald FitzgeraldRaymond FitzgeraldTim FitzgeraldSteve FitzgeraldSusan FitzgeraldKelly FitzgeraldMaureen FitzgeraldKimberly FitzgeraldDiane FitzgeraldMike FitzgeraldJessica FitzgeraldJulie FitzgeraldGeorge FitzgeraldKathy FitzgeraldAmy FitzgeraldMark FitzgeraldE FitzgeraldKim FitzgeraldGary FitzgeraldHeather FitzgeraldTimothy FitzgeraldLarry FitzgeraldDonna FitzgeraldDennis FitzgeraldRichard FitzgeraldStephen FitzgeraldLawrence FitzgeraldKaren FitzgeraldJack FitzgeraldGerald FitzgeraldFrank FitzgeraldColleen FitzgeraldFrances FitzgeraldMatthew FitzgeraldDaniel FitzgeraldTheresa FitzgeraldVirginia FitzgeraldBrian FitzgeraldAmanda FitzgeraldDan FitzgeraldMegan FitzgeraldRonald FitzgeraldStephanie FitzgeraldAngela FitzgeraldKathryn FitzgeraldAndrew FitzgeraldAlice FitzgeraldTeresa FitzgeraldJanet FitzgeraldEileen FitzgeraldJeffrey FitzgeraldF FitzgeraldJason FitzgeraldJudith FitzgeraldDenise FitzgeraldCheryl FitzgeraldTerry FitzgeraldCarolyn FitzgeraldRose FitzgeraldAnthony FitzgeraldBrenda FitzgeraldEllen FitzgeraldShirley FitzgeraldJerry FitzgeraldLori FitzgeraldShawn FitzgeraldKatie FitzgeraldCindy FitzgeraldAshley FitzgeraldJacqueline FitzgeraldChristina FitzgeraldMaurice FitzgeraldTracy FitzgeraldJamie FitzgeraldEmily FitzgeraldWalter FitzgeraldJoyce FitzgeraldJudy FitzgeraldPeter FitzgeraldJanice FitzgeraldNicole FitzgeraldGregory FitzgeraldEric FitzgeraldMartha FitzgeraldDawn FitzgeraldHenry FitzgeraldSheila FitzgeraldMaria FitzgeraldSara FitzgeraldJulia FitzgeraldHarold FitzgeraldFlorence FitzgeraldLynn FitzgeraldBeverly FitzgeraldGeraldine FitzgeraldLauren FitzgeraldGrace FitzgeraldMichele FitzgeraldTammy FitzgeraldEvelyn FitzgeraldIrene FitzgeraldJoshua FitzgeraldRobin FitzgeraldJoanne FitzgeraldTina FitzgeraldRay FitzgeraldDouglas FitzgeraldLouise FitzgeraldBarry FitzgeraldLeslie FitzgeraldRachel FitzgeraldMildred FitzgeraldAmber FitzgeraldJonathan FitzgeraldMarilyn FitzgeraldDoris FitzgeraldWendy FitzgeraldEugene FitzgeraldWayne FitzgeraldAndrea FitzgeraldPaula FitzgeraldArthur FitzgeraldCarrie FitzgeraldDiana FitzgeraldJill FitzgeraldGloria FitzgeraldBonnie FitzgeraldPhyllis FitzgeraldPeggy FitzgeraldElaine FitzgeraldVictoria FitzgeraldMartin FitzgeraldJeanne FitzgeraldLee FitzgeraldSuzanne FitzgeraldMarion FitzgeraldLillian FitzgeraldTara FitzgeraldDanielle FitzgeraldNicholas FitzgeraldJosephine FitzgeraldKyle FitzgeraldMeghan FitzgeraldJustin FitzgeraldBilly FitzgeraldBridget FitzgeraldKeith FitzgeraldBryan FitzgeraldWillie FitzgeraldRita FitzgeraldEleanor FitzgeraldCharlotte FitzgeraldGail FitzgeraldSamantha FitzgeraldBenjamin FitzgeraldRoy FitzgeraldCarl FitzgeraldBrandon FitzgeraldAaron FitzgeraldHarry FitzgeraldBrittany FitzgeraldDani FitzgeraldEarl FitzgeraldRhonda FitzgeraldMarjorie FitzgeraldKerry FitzgeraldBrendan FitzgeraldMonica FitzgeraldEdna FitzgeraldNorma FitzgeraldSally FitzgeraldAdam FitzgeraldAnnie FitzgeraldCasey FitzgeraldTyler FitzgeraldLois FitzgeraldRegina FitzgeraldTiffany FitzgeraldTodd FitzgeraldEmma FitzgeraldGertrude FitzgeraldLoretta FitzgeraldRoger FitzgeraldLeo FitzgeraldRosemary FitzgeraldJay FitzgeraldRuby FitzgeraldJesse FitzgeraldBernard FitzgeraldAgnes FitzgeraldLorraine FitzgeraldCaitlin FitzgeraldBruce FitzgeraldAlbert FitzgeraldRussell FitzgeraldNorman FitzgeraldRalph FitzgeraldKayla FitzgeraldCraig FitzgeraldWanda FitzgeraldChar FitzgeraldShane FitzgeraldEthel FitzgeraldPhilip FitzgeraldJeremy FitzgeraldVeronica FitzgeraldAlexander FitzgeraldJacob FitzgeraldJune FitzgeraldLeonard FitzgeraldVincent FitzgeraldGlenn FitzgeraldIan FitzgeraldSamuel FitzgeraldErnest FitzgeraldCurtis FitzgeraldThelma FitzgeraldEdith FitzgeraldChad FitzgeraldHoward FitzgeraldTaylor FitzgeraldGladys FitzgeraldAlan FitzgeraldNora FitzgeraldTravis FitzgeraldEsther FitzgeraldHazel FitzgeraldConnor FitzgeraldAustin FitzgeraldClarence FitzgeraldPauline Fitzgerald