How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Fonseca?

There are quite a few people in the United States with the last name Fonseca. In fact, the name is the 246th most common last name in the country. So, how many people are there in the US with the last name Fonseca? According to the 2016 census, there are approximately 9,735 people in the US with the last name Fonseca. This makes the name the 2,814th most common last name in the country. Interestingly, the name is more common in some states than others. For example, there are 3,711 people with the last name Fonseca in California, 2,209 people with the last name Fonseca in Texas, and 1,149 people with the last name Fonseca in Florida.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Fonseca?

There are many states in the US with a large population of people with the last name Fonseca. However, according to recent data, the state with the largest population of Fonsecas is California. In fact, there are over 36,000 people in California with the last name Fonseca. This is followed by Texas, which has over 26,000 Fonsecas, and Florida, which has over 20,000 Fonsecas.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Fonseca?

If you're looking for a unique name for your baby, you may want to consider one of the most uncommon names with the last name Fonseca. There are a number of interesting and unique names that fall into this category.Here are a few of the most uncommon names with the last name Fonseca:

1. Ailani

2. Art

3. Beowulf

4. Brook

5. Caspian

6. Dune

7. Eden

8. Fawkes

9. Harper

10. Journey

List of People with the Last Name Fonseca

Antonio FonsecaJorge FonsecaMaria FonsecaLuis FonsecaAna FonsecaJose FonsecaCarlos FonsecaFrancisco FonsecaJuan FonsecaMiguel FonsecaManuel FonsecaDavid FonsecaDaniel FonsecaRosa FonsecaJesus FonsecaCarmen FonsecaRafael FonsecaJohn FonsecaMichael FonsecaJ FonsecaRicardo FonsecaElizabeth FonsecaMartha FonsecaVictor FonsecaPatricia FonsecaMary FonsecaRoberto FonsecaPedro FonsecaMario FonsecaOscar FonsecaFernando FonsecaAnthony FonsecaJoseph FonsecaJavier FonsecaLaura FonsecaHector FonsecaSandra FonsecaRobert FonsecaJessica FonsecaTeresa FonsecaAngel FonsecaAlberto FonsecaJennifer FonsecaRamon FonsecaGuadalupe FonsecaGloria FonsecaClaudia FonsecaEduardo FonsecaAlfredo FonsecaAlejandro FonsecaJoe FonsecaRuben FonsecaMichelle FonsecaR FonsecaRaul FonsecaVeronica FonsecaSergio FonsecaDiana FonsecaRichard FonsecaYolanda FonsecaJulio FonsecaMargarita FonsecaC FonsecaBlanca FonsecaMartin FonsecaMonica FonsecaGabriel FonsecaMelissa FonsecaChristina FonsecaNorma FonsecaAnna FonsecaEnrique FonsecaAlex FonsecaArmando FonsecaGuillermo FonsecaChristopher FonsecaAdriana FonsecaJaime FonsecaSonia FonsecaGeorge FonsecaSilvia FonsecaLisa FonsecaPablo FonsecaArturo FonsecaSara FonsecaAngela FonsecaMarco FonsecaVictoria FonsecaEdward FonsecaLuz FonsecaCesar FonsecaErnesto FonsecaStephanie FonsecaIsabel FonsecaJuana FonsecaGerardo FonsecaFelipe FonsecaAlicia FonsecaNancy FonsecaBrenda FonsecaVanessa FonsecaAlfonso FonsecaChris FonsecaSamuel FonsecaSalvador FonsecaMauricio FonsecaCristina FonsecaChristian FonsecaFrank FonsecaAndrea FonsecaCynthia FonsecaLinda FonsecaPaul FonsecaLeticia FonsecaRene FonsecaIrma FonsecaRodolfo FonsecaGustavo FonsecaAlexander FonsecaAdrian FonsecaEric FonsecaMarta FonsecaAngelica FonsecaJesse FonsecaKaren FonsecaAlma FonsecaMarie FonsecaMarcos FonsecaEdgar FonsecaErica FonsecaJoel FonsecaLourdes FonsecaWilliam FonsecaJoao FonsecaPaula FonsecaVirginia FonsecaBeatriz FonsecaJulia FonsecaOrlando FonsecaBarbara FonsecaMiriam FonsecaOlga FonsecaRaquel FonsecaGabriela FonsecaNicholas FonsecaAndres FonsecaAbel FonsecaRose FonsecaJames FonsecaJacqueline FonsecaCarolina FonsecaKevin FonsecaOmar FonsecaBenjamin FonsecaLucia FonsecaSusan FonsecaRaymond FonsecaBrian FonsecaSarah FonsecaJonathan FonsecaTony FonsecaSylvia FonsecaLouis FonsecaMayra FonsecaAmanda FonsecaMercedes FonsecaIvan FonsecaGladys FonsecaDonna FonsecaCecilia FonsecaLeonardo FonsecaKarla FonsecaRogelio FonsecaJuanita FonsecaNelson FonsecaDeborah FonsecaAlvaro FonsecaThomas FonsecaJanet FonsecaKarina FonsecaAgustin FonsecaEvelyn FonsecaFelix FonsecaIsmael FonsecaRamiro FonsecaChristine FonsecaSteven FonsecaErika FonsecaEdwin FonsecaAlejandra FonsecaHugo FonsecaRolando FonsecaAida FonsecaLydia FonsecaAntonia FonsecaSamantha FonsecaRachel FonsecaIrene FonsecaDolores FonsecaMaribel FonsecaNicolas FonsecaMargaret FonsecaJosefina FonsecaJason FonsecaMarisol FonsecaMatthew FonsecaSusana FonsecaJoshua FonsecaDenise FonsecaRebecca FonsecaIsaias FonsecaCrystal FonsecaAlexis FonsecaCarla FonsecaPaulo FonsecaRosario FonsecaLorena FonsecaNicole FonsecaEfrain FonsecaMark FonsecaHenry FonsecaJulian FonsecaGerman FonsecaAshley FonsecaJohnny FonsecaLucy FonsecaSantos FonsecaHilda FonsecaAlbert FonsecaPeter FonsecaRodrigo FonsecaGilberto FonsecaAndrew FonsecaRocio FonsecaSharon FonsecaBertha FonsecaDelia FonsecaMaritza FonsecaKatherine FonsecaCarol FonsecaAnita FonsecaFabio FonsecaClaudio FonsecaDora FonsecaLuisa FonsecaYesenia FonsecaJoaquin FonsecaRonald FonsecaAurora FonsecaTomas FonsecaRamona FonsecaEsperanza FonsecaReynaldo FonsecaGraciela FonsecaConsuelo FonsecaHumberto FonsecaArthur FonsecaEva FonsecaVicente FonsecaOlivia FonsecaDiego FonsecaIsrael FonsecaIgnacio FonsecaEsther FonsecaLuiz FonsecaBryan FonsecaEsteban FonsecaWendy FonsecaIris FonsecaElisa FonsecaCatherine FonsecaJophenia FonsecaAlexandra FonsecaRudy FonsecaFrancisca FonsecaAriel FonsecaRoger FonsecaMoises FonsecaElaine FonsecaCharles FonsecaRigoberto FonsecaAmy FonsecaSaul FonsecaArnold FonsecaAndre FonsecaMilagros FonsecaFreddy FonsecaVincent FonsecaSantiago FonsecaErick FonsecaIsaac FonsecaRoy FonsecaEmma FonsecaFabiola FonsecaMarcelo FonsecaFernanda FonsecaBernardo FonsecaKenneth FonsecaCarmelo FonsecaAbigail Fonseca