Historical Information About The Last Name Fontenot

There are many people in the world who have the last name Fontenot. However, many people do not know the history behind this name. Here is some information about the history of the Fontenot name.The Fontenot name is derived from the French word "fontenot" which means "spring". The name was given to someone who lived near a spring or who was born in the springtime.

The Fontenot name first appeared in France in the 1100s. It was given to someone who was from the town of Fontenay, which was located in the Burgundy region of France.

The Fontenot name gradually spread to other parts of France. It was also adopted by people who moved to other parts of the world, including the United States. Today, there are many people who bear the Fontenot name.

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The Popularity Of Fontenot As The Last Name

Fontenot is a surname derived from the French word "fontenot," meaning "little fountain." The Fontenots were a prominent family in France during the Middle Ages. The popularity of the Fontenot surname today is largely due to the fame of Acadian musician Zachary Richard, who is known by the stage name Zachary Fontenot.Fontenot is the 283rd most common surname in the United States, with approximately 24,000 people claiming the name. The Fontenots are most numerous in Louisiana, where they are the 8th most common surname. Other states with high concentrations of Fontenots include Texas, Georgia, and California.

There are several notable people with the Fontenot surname. Zachary Fontenot, the musician mentioned earlier, is one of the most famous. Another well-known Fontenot is the late James Lee "Jim" Fontenot, who was a U.S. Army sergeant and recipient of the Medal of Honor. Fontenots can also be found in the world of politics, with both Louisiana State Representative Clay Ford Fontenot and Texas State Senator Florence Shapiro Fontenot serving in the legislature.

Despite its French origins, the Fontenot surname is not commonly found in France today. In fact, the Fontenots are one of the rarest surnames in the country, with fewer than 500 people claiming the name. This is likely due to the fact that the Fontenots were a prominent family in France during the Middle Ages, and most of the descendants of the Fontenots would have taken on other surnames over the years.

Naming Ideas With Fontenot As The Last Name

If you're looking for naming ideas and you have Fontenot as your last name, you've come to the right place!There are plenty of ways to come up with a great name for your baby, and if you have a unique last name like Fontenot, you can definitely find the perfect name that will suit your family.

One great way to find a name is to look for names that have a similar sound to Fontenot. For example, you could consider names like Fontaine, Jontae, or even Jordan.

If you're looking for a name that has a similar meaning to Fontenot, you could consider names like Harmony, Chance, or Justice.

You could also consider names that are similar in spelling to Fontenot. For example, you could consider names like Fontenelle, Fontenot, or even Fontenelle.

No matter what you decide, be sure to take your time and choose a name that you and your family will love. Congratulations on your new arrival!

List of People with the Last Name Fontenot

Mary FontenotJames FontenotJohn FontenotMichael FontenotJ FontenotJoseph FontenotRobert FontenotDavid FontenotC FontenotLinda FontenotMichelle FontenotCharles FontenotElizabeth FontenotR FontenotPatricia FontenotChristopher FontenotJennifer FontenotDonald FontenotA FontenotChris FontenotJessica FontenotKimberly FontenotPaul FontenotKenneth FontenotAngela FontenotRonald FontenotRichard FontenotLisa FontenotMelissa FontenotAnthony FontenotAmanda FontenotSandra FontenotMarie FontenotDonna FontenotDebra FontenotSharon FontenotDaniel FontenotBarbara FontenotSteven FontenotLarry FontenotDeborah FontenotSusan FontenotCynthia FontenotMark FontenotRebecca FontenotAshley FontenotAnna FontenotAmy FontenotPamela FontenotStephanie FontenotWilliam FontenotLaura FontenotKim FontenotBrenda FontenotBrandon FontenotKevin FontenotJoe FontenotMargaret FontenotBrian FontenotJoshua FontenotJamie FontenotShirley FontenotJerry FontenotKaren FontenotBetty FontenotJason FontenotTerry FontenotTina FontenotLee FontenotChristina FontenotLawrence FontenotTammy FontenotChristine FontenotCatherine FontenotJulie FontenotDebbie FontenotKatherine FontenotAmber FontenotHeather FontenotSteve FontenotTimothy FontenotLouis FontenotAllen FontenotGary FontenotNicole FontenotCarol FontenotCarolyn FontenotMatthew FontenotCrystal FontenotTheresa FontenotPaula FontenotKelly FontenotJustin FontenotCindy FontenotSarah FontenotPatrick FontenotRaymond FontenotEric FontenotThomas FontenotEmily FontenotGloria FontenotGregory FontenotAndrea FontenotTiffany FontenotRyan FontenotBobby FontenotAndrew FontenotStephen FontenotJudy FontenotAnn FontenotRose FontenotRachel FontenotScott FontenotDana FontenotTracy FontenotSheila FontenotJoyce FontenotVictoria FontenotDarrell FontenotClarence FontenotMonica FontenotDanielle FontenotLauren FontenotDorothy FontenotCheryl FontenotEdward FontenotBrent FontenotLeroy FontenotCarl FontenotJeffery FontenotJoey FontenotMaria FontenotRicky FontenotShannon FontenotTony FontenotJacqueline FontenotJacob FontenotBrandy FontenotSherry FontenotBrittany FontenotChristy FontenotJonathan FontenotWayne FontenotDenise FontenotTeresa FontenotRay FontenotJeffrey FontenotRussell FontenotBeverly FontenotFrank FontenotJean FontenotGeorge FontenotLori FontenotBrandi FontenotConnie FontenotJanet FontenotCody FontenotGerald FontenotJackie FontenotFrances FontenotWillie FontenotKeith FontenotAustin FontenotJeremy FontenotKayla FontenotMona FontenotShelly FontenotStacey FontenotNicholas FontenotRhonda FontenotHarold FontenotDoris FontenotTaylor FontenotMegan FontenotRandy FontenotPeggy FontenotRoger FontenotDiana FontenotRita FontenotShawn FontenotWanda FontenotEvelyn FontenotCourtney FontenotMitchell FontenotAlice FontenotJimmy FontenotPhillip FontenotSamantha FontenotEva FontenotRandall FontenotHerbert FontenotRobin FontenotHenry FontenotHelen FontenotRoy FontenotHolly FontenotLeslie FontenotApril FontenotDennis FontenotRenee FontenotGwendolyn FontenotTroy FontenotBilly FontenotErnest FontenotDale FontenotAdam FontenotJoann FontenotBryan FontenotCharlotte FontenotMarcus FontenotTonya FontenotEugene FontenotJanice FontenotNancy FontenotDouglas FontenotJessie FontenotEmma FontenotAaron FontenotShane FontenotRuby FontenotVirginia FontenotMartha FontenotDustin FontenotHubert FontenotBenjamin FontenotHarry FontenotKyle FontenotFrancis FontenotGlenn FontenotAlbert FontenotBertha FontenotRodney FontenotLindsey FontenotAlicia FontenotCarrie FontenotRegina FontenotBradley FontenotBobbie FontenotHerman FontenotAnnie FontenotBonnie FontenotJesse FontenotJohnny FontenotElla FontenotLynn FontenotJimmie FontenotJeanette FontenotRonnie FontenotLena FontenotNathan FontenotPatsy FontenotBruce FontenotLionel FontenotClara FontenotLillian FontenotEthel FontenotTyler FontenotHannah FontenotLouise FontenotChad FontenotCraig FontenotAlex FontenotJuanita FontenotJody FontenotAudrey FontenotTodd FontenotCurtis FontenotLeo FontenotSidney FontenotDallas FontenotHazel FontenotMarvin FontenotJordan FontenotErin FontenotGilbert FontenotMartin FontenotFloyd FontenotDerek FontenotDerrick FontenotEdna FontenotWilson FontenotWarren FontenotLance FontenotMildred FontenotIsaac FontenotClifton FontenotCorey FontenotHoward FontenotWalter FontenotRoland FontenotClifford FontenotEarl FontenotElvin FontenotChester FontenotNolan FontenotJoel FontenotWilfred FontenotArthur FontenotCalvin FontenotEddie Fontenot