Do's & Don'ts

  • Check out yourself

    With FindPeopleFast, there isn’t a term against researching oneself. It is allowed to search your name to know what public information is available and if the records are accurate or require some amendments.

  • Research a roommate

    This is critical, especially for individuals just moving into college or university residencies and who feel a little skeptical about sharing the room with strangers. FindPeopleFast helps find out about your roomies with academic records, criminal records, and more.

  • Look up your neighbors

    Use FindPeopleFast when moving into a new neighborhood to know who your neighbors are. It gives you peace of mind knowing your neighbors aren’t sex offenders and have no criminal records, and your kids will be safe walking around.

  • Find Relatives

    Various incidents could cause your family to drift apart. However, with FindPeopleFast, it is effortless to find family members from any part of the country.

  • Find an individual’s current address

    Is there someone you want to surprise on a special occasion but don’t know how to reach them? Use FindPeopleFast to search their home address to make them feel special when you show up.

  • Get a scope of your online date

    Dating online means interacting with people you may not have met in person. Therefore, it is only safe to look up what information about your online date is available on public data. FindPeopleFast comes in handy to avoid online predators by checking their background first.

  • Verify buyers and sellers online

    Search for an E-commerce trader’s background to ascertain if they are legitimate. FindPeopleFast allows you to avoid scammers by verifying these traders’ background details before getting into a business deal with them.

  • Reconnect with a lost love

    If you want to look up a lost love, FindPeopleFast offers the chance to reunite by letting you search for them.

  • Screening a Tenant

    That includes but isn’t limited to residential or commercial space leasing. Landlords are prohibited from using the platform for assigning or termination renting, selling, leasing, or retaining a commercial or residential space.

  • Employment Screening

    FindPeopleFast isn’t for evaluating people for employment, promotion, retention, or reassignment. It is not allowed for employers to screen employees on FindPeopleFast.

  • Educational Qualification

    It includes but isn’t limited to someone’s qualifications for a scholarship, financial aid, grant, educational program, and any other related usage.

  • Credit or Insurance

    You may not use this platform to assess a person's risk of existing credit obligation or determine if they are eligible to be issued credit or insurance. Also, insurance companies are prohibited from using the FindPeopleFast search engine for health insurance underwriting.

  • Business Transactions Proposed by an Individual Customer

    Can’t be used for analyzing a personal customer account to discover if the individual continues to meet the account terms.

  • License Eligibility

    It is not allowed to use FindPeopleFast to screen individuals for medical or other government licenses and patients should not use it to look up their potential doctor’s information.

  • The Hiring of Household Workers

    It includes but isn’t limited to domestic workers and home aids such as nannies, babysitters, and more.