What Are Public Records?

Public records can be defined as information and documents that are not confidential and can be placed online. As created by government agencies and officials, the public record is needed by law to be stored and updated periodically.

Having a public record over the internet lets any stakeholder run a background check on a targeted person and find out what they are looking for. For instance, one can have a deep insight into census data, court orders, criminal backgrounds, bankruptcy rulings, and property information.

Furthermore, the public record search is of two types. The first is Individual Records that reflect upon the history of the residents and their activities. However, the second type is Government Agencies and Institutions that can restrict the level of information being accessed by the public. They include school records, tax returns, and trade secrets.

Are People's Records Public?

People search public records because they are allowed to do so via the Freedom of Information Act. This act turned into law in 1966 that states that informed and well aware citizens are the basic need for a productive democratic society.

The Freedom of Information Act gives the right to the individuals to access the federal agency records. As national freedom of information law, this act was put in place to make the functioning capacity of the U.S. government more transparent. The Freedom of Information Act defines records subject to disclosure, states necessary disclosure procedures and several exemptions.

There are nine exemptions to offer a safety shell to privileged information and vital interests. For an efficient public records search, the following exemptions are considered beforehand.

  1. Protected information about foreign policy or national defense
  2. Geophysical and geological data
  3. Internal personnel regulations and practices
  4. Inter-agency or Intra-agency agendas or letters with legal privileges
  5. Information related to bank supervision
  6. Medical files and personnel data
  7. Law enforcement documents
  8. Trade secrets and classified business strategies
  9. Statistics that are exempt under other laws

Why Do We Search Public Records?

  • Identify Theft and People's Business

    With the public records, the user can search and protect himself from identity theft. Along with this, if you are about to be business partners with someone, access public records and know everything.

  • Find Old Colleagues and Acquaintances

    The public records search makes the stakeholder find their old friends, colleagues, and even relatives. They can type their name or address in the search bar and find a time to reunite with them.

  • Keep Family Safe

    The safety of your family is also ensured through public records search. The person can type away the address of the respective family members and know their address or if they are in a secured neighborhood.

  • Protect Children

    In most cases, parents do not trust the credibility of their kid's friends. Then comes public records that give information if they are involved in some illegal dealings. The arrest records can be found out through public records.

6 Common Types of Public Records

How to Search Public Records?

  • Contact the Local Police Department

    The question “how to search public records” can be answered by contacting the local Police Department. If you do not trust someone in your neighborhood and have serious suspicions about their involvement in crime, the right way is to knock on the door of the Police Department. They will inform the background history and criminal record of the targeted person.

  • Request through the Department of Justice

    To access public records, the user can request a copy through The Department of Justice. It takes 10 cents per page to duplicate the records. However, the requester must provide the exact record name and the subject matter. The DOJ takes around 10 days to decide if they are willing to disclose the records.

  • Use People Search Engine

    To have hands-on public records for free, no charge, many People Search Engines compete in the market. They are time-efficient, accessing extensive reports in seconds and without having to pay a single penny. The search engines also permit the user to insert the name, address, or phone number and access the free public records.

Find People Fast - A Tool to Search Public Records Online

Find People Fast is a revolutionary tool that has its expertise in finding people and accessing people search public records. You can look for a person based on their names, phone numbers, email addresses, and residential addresses.

Have a glance at their background history to know if they are safe for you or not. With that, Find People Fast provides its unmatched services through its vast database and super-fast search algorithm.

Strengths of Find People Fast Public Records Search

  • Updated Filtering Algorithm

    The advanced filtering feature aids in pinpointing what the user has been looking for. Moreover, regular updates are provided if something changes in the records.

  • Hassle-Free Process

    The Find People Fast application saves time by providing the required information with a mere click of a button. It makes the entire process hassle.

  • Bigger Databases with Transparency

    With one of the most extensive databases, this tool has more entries than any other search engine, which means you have a high chance of getting desirable results. It presents authentic and genuine information.

  • Accurate Data and Tracking

    No false information is given with this search engine. The reliable data makes it workable on all ends. In addition, no official is allowed to access the target's sensitive information and data.

Guide to Perform a Public Records Search

  • Step 1: Searching Process

    To begin, launch the Find People Fast web application. Hit the “Public Record Search” and type away the full name of the target. Tap the “Search” button afterward. The results shall appear in a moment.

  • Step 2: Filtration Process

    A wide range of search results pops up on the screen. Filter down the irrelevant profiles and navigate down to your needed information. Click on “Access Report” to get the data.

  • Step 3: Downloading Report

    To have a hands-on public record search, mention your email address. Clear the payment and select “View My Report.”

What Can I Get from a Public Records Search Report?

The public records report lets the user access the significant strands of information through one report. Downloading the report and accessing it from anywhere, this system is operational and workable for most people. To know what information can be found through public records, have a glance below:

  1. Arrest Records and Bankruptcies
  2. Associates and Possible Neighbors
  3. Associates and Possible Neighbors
  4. Concealed Weapons Permits
  5. Date of Birth and Educational Background
  6. Amazon Wish Lists and Assets
  7. Dating Profiles and Location History
  8. Sex Offender Databases and Criminal Records
  9. Social Profiles and Emails
  10. Social Security Numbers and Properties Owned
  11. UCC Filings and Trademarks

What Makes The Best Public Records Search Sites?

Speed and Accuracy

The best public records search site provides the user with accurate and reliable results. With that, speed is guaranteed to make it a plus point.

Spend and Cost

It is another crucial factor to consider as some search sites offer one-time services while others offer monthly subscriptions. Decide according to your needs and choices.

Customer Service

Customer service must be kept at the top of the list to make the experience successful and valuable. Without good customer service, the record search sites stand nowhere.

Intuitive Interface

An intuitive interface makes the whole process effortless. It helps the user navigate the tools and features like a pro.

Updated Database

The top-notch public record has a huge and updated database that never disappoints the user in any way.

Multiple Search Options

People look for multiple search options within a public records search. Thus, the best search engines present look through different records, including public divorces, deaths, public arrests, marriages, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Google help in finding people?

Google is responsible for only providing basic information about the targeted individual. However, to have a deep insight into a person's background, search engines like Find People Fast are the real catch. National and municipal databases are accessed to deliver accurate information.

Why is Find People Fast my top choice for public record searches?

Find People Fast is considered to be the leading search engine out there. Being equipped with extensive and accurate database, the end-user can have information with one tap of a button.

Does the target know he is being searched out?

Being a private and secure platform, Find People Fast is utterly anonymous and confidential. That means no one will catch you in the act.

Can I know the location of a person through public records search?

Yes, you can. The public record search gives away the past and present addresses of the targeted person. In addition, one can have hands-on their office location as well.

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Get Your Public Records Now!

Having a little preview of someone’s background and history can create a safe surrounding for us, right? The user can have detailed access to the will records, adoption records, and criminal records with one click.

Navigating from one database to another and from the Police Department to the Department of Justice, the process becomes hectic and wastes time. However, with Find People Fast, the relevant information comes to the screen in nanoseconds.

Public records are not hard to find, and we encourage you to navigate this workable tool. Rest assured, you shall never repent a day.