10 Best Social Media Search Engines

Social media sites are booming with people, and their user count is not coming down anytime soon. This high amount of activity means these social media sites are a great place to market one’s product, look for the latest trends, or even search for a lost friend.

For this purpose, you could use a social media network’s own search. However, it’s only limited to its own site and won’t get you detailed results. To find social media accounts, one needs a robust social media search engine.

Fortunately for our readers, we have listed the best services to search all social networks at once here. Moreover, this article will discuss how to find hidden profiles on social networks.


FindPeopleFast is a powerful search tool for finding detailed information about a person. The tool can bring quite in-depth results, showing photos, addresses, property holdings, and even the criminal history of the search person.

Moreover, the searches are reasonably accurate. It collects all valid details from the target person’s past and present from a wide variety of sources. The searches are made precise by asking for factors such as name, location, address, etc., and the interface presents the results in a neat and easy-to-read manner.

To find someone on all social networks and see the results, one only has to state the target person’s email address on the search bar before hitting Enter.

Why choose FindPeopleFast?

Here is why FindPeopleFast is a recommended choice for users looking for other individuals on the internet.

Easy to Use
First of all, it can provides relevant information is presented from a single search, and this information comes along with pictures and addresses, forming a detailed profile of the targeted person. The interface is smooth and enables users with no technical know-how to navigate it quickly.
It is useful for marketers to find out more about their audience, but it also helps employers to know more about their potential employees. Since the profile provided is quite detailed, people can also use the service to search for a distant relative or a new individual in the neighborhood.
Most people remain hesitant in accessing online platforms and sharing private information. However, it isn’t the case with FindPeopleFast, as it ensures complete anonymity of user activity and records displayed on the platform.
Properly categorized information
Apart from considering the uses, one might think of a search tool when the information is already available from public resources, so you can get the accurate information after running a public records search. The information is scattered, whereas it goes through millions of resources for a single search and brings it to the user in an organized way, saving precious time of the user.

Social Searcher

Social Searcher is a tool more marketed towards businesses, and it’s a great tool to find and track mentions. A single search on it will bring results from all major social media platforms and present them neat and organized.

Moreover, this tool makes social monitoring a breeze. One can quickly find social media accounts, no matter hidden or public for the client. Moreover, it helps brands discover customer’s feedback through various social media sites.

Social mentions are not the only thing this tool specializes in, users can also keep track of how good a specific post is doing by measuring the number of engagements it receives, presenting the data in an analytical report.


Like other social media networks, Pipl allows its users to do a thorough search, but it’s not limited to only social media networks. It gains its data from millions of resources, some of which are pretty less-known, squeezing the data out for the users to use.

Different parameters can be used for searching, such as phone numbers, brand names, email addresses, usernames, etc. In return, it brings results that contain demographics and contact information. Using this data, businesses can target their audience better, reaching the people that matter.


If targeted marketing is the purpose, Buzzsumo is the answer. With several resources to get data from, Buzzsumo alerts marketers of mentions which helps to discover people who take an interest in the brand. Monitoring mentions can also help find brand influencers who bring quality engagement to a business.

Besides, this social media searching tool also provides important information on who your followers are and how much they liked a post. It has four plans to choose from, Pro, Plus, Large, or Enterprise paid plans. However, it also comes with a search with limited capability.

Facebook Graph Search

Many are thinking why one would try Graph Search when Facebook already provides a search function in its app. The thing is, a regular search would only bring posts or groups containing the searched keyword, but it won’t show the results of people’s comments or reactions on a specific topic.

Additionally, this is where it truly shines, showing what connections people have to a keyword, providing brands with more than enough information to locate and target their audience. Besides, it is still in its beta, but considering it’s being taken seriously by Facebook, it’ll only grow to be a powerful tool for marketers.

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Bing Social

Although Bing almost always gets shadowed by Google, it now offers great information for marketers through Bing Social. Searches can be done through its beautiful front page, and data from all major social media sites are shown.

In addition, it promises to bring more to the table by adding an interactive surface with three slots. These three slots will separate data into different categories: one for results from a general search, the middle slot giving results from either snapshots or reviews, while the third slot will be reserved for filtered data from social media sites.

Twitter Advanced Search

Considering how Facebook has its Graph Search, Twitter also joined the trend by releasing its own customized and thorough search tool. This is available on the right side of Twitter.com and will enable users to search by entering data into several fields offered.

Furthermore, the number of fields can make the process look a little overwhelming. However, once marketers get the hang of it, it’s a powerful tool to target an audience. However, the searches are also not limited to a single field as multiple fields can be selected, narrowing the search done, bringing more relevant results.


AgoraPulse is not strictly a social media searching tool, but it offers features that can help search social media sites. To search, users need to input hashtags, keywords, or usernames, and then it brings results for marketers to use. The search can also take parameters such as location to make the data more precise.

Still, such information can help brands know who is talking about them and which one of their posts is performing well. Another feature it provides is that users can tag specific content to get back to it later.


Talkwalker brings results from critical social media networks; however, it adds a beneficial twist. It allows users to ‘listen’ to real-time conversations made in 187 different languages through all prime social sites.

This, along with brand mentions, enables the user to know who is talking about their brand to target their audience better. One can conduct searches by entering parameters, such as

language, location, media type, and even sentiment parameters.


Cocofinder, one of the prominent brands in data searching, has been integrated with different public records from official and unofficial sources. This profile finding service involves a database with countless entries where it’ll be almost impossible not to find information about a person. With CocoFinder, the user can learn how to find hidden profiles on social networks, using the Email Lookup facility.

A notable thing about Cocofinder is that it prioritizes user confidentiality. Whether the user is searching for a number or seeking information to examine a person, the site doesn’t store any private data making every search anonymous.


Earlier in the day, gathering information about a person would be a complicated and time-consuming process. But now, due to unlimited sites, social media search has become a piece of cake.

Moreover, the user can find social media profiles by email address without even revealing their identity. These tools such as FindpeopleFast can accurately offer all the necessary data to assess it and use the helpful insight for personal benefit.