5 Ways to Search and Find Someone on Facebook

Facebook is widely regarded as the most popular social media platform. It is a convenient way to interact with people from various cultures and regions. Moreover, another utility of Facebook that goes unnoticed is that the networking site helps find a lost relative, friend, or acquaintance.

If a user has even a slight bit of relevant information on the intended individual, such as their name, last known location, or school name, then Facebook would be able to locate their profile.

However, one can learn how to find someone on Facebook using other handy options, such as FindPeopleFast. The service provides complete information on the relevant person once the user enters the name, email, or location of that individual.

How to Find Someone on Facebook by Name and Location?

Most social media sites, such as Facebook, offer a search bar that works as a search engine to find helpful content and even other individuals’ profiles. The user only has to enter the target person’s name in the search bar, then can run a background online.

The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1: Enter the name of the person you remember in the Facebook search bar.
  • Step 2: Click on the People tab on the left, and enter the city where the other person used to live.
  • Step 3: The website will display all the results. Feel free to scroll through them all and find the relevant profile from the list.

How to Search Someone on Facebook by Phone Number

Most users enter their private information, such as their phone number, on Facebook, convenient for professional purposes. If the user makes such information public on their profile, it is pretty simple to find their profiles. One only has to enter the phone number in the Facebook search bar and the interface will display the results if accessible.

The steps are as follows:

How to Do a Facebook Search in Public Groups?

Facebook groups are a valuable platform to interact with like-minded people. For example, if a user is trying to locate a profile of their loved one or friend, they can join the groups on specific topics which the target user is interested in.

After joining the Facebook group, the user can access the “Members Section” and enter the First/Last name of the individual they are trying to find in the search bar.

How to Find Someone’s Email on Facebook?

 There are various methods one can apply to find someone’s Email on Facebook. This section will share the top three solutions:

Access the About Page

Simply head to the person’s profile, and click on the About tab. From there, click on the Contact and Basic Info button, which will display the user’s social links and email address.

Ask for Email Directly

Most users prefer to keep personal contact information hidden from the public’s view, such as email addresses and phone numbers. Under such circumstances, one can head over to the About section’s Contact and Basic Info tab and click on the “Ask for Email” option. After that, Facebook will automatically send a private message to the related user.

Use an Email Finder

Third-party lead generation sites, such as FindPeopleFast, can instantly find the Facebook user’s email address. The user only has to enter a name or Facebook Profile URL on the interface to acquire relevant results in no time.

Use Facebook Directory to Find Someone without Login

Each of the solutions stated above requires one to access Facebook as a user to Facebook search by name and location.

These methods are time-consuming and do not reap the expected results as individual users tend to keep their profiles private on social media. However, with the FB Directory technique, one can learn how to find people on Facebook quicker than all other methods.

If one has heard of Yellow Pages, then they would know how Facebook Directory works. The solution displays the profiles of all active users on Facebook, listed alphabetically by the user names. Moreover, the Directory keeps track of the pages with the most likes and places that have been frequently visited.

Here is how one can find people on Facebook without login:

  • Step 1: Open the Facebook Directory URL from any browser.
  • Step 2: Browse the Directory by People, Pages, or Places.
  • Step 3: Enter the First Alphabet of the target person, and locate their profile from the list.


Before the creation of social media platforms, such as Facebook, it was a lengthy and complicated process to find a lost relative, friend, or former neighbor. However, seemingly every individual with the internet has a presence on social networking sites, making it easier to do a Facebook search by name and location.

By reading this post, one would easily understand how to find someone on Facebook and interact with them again.