Albertville, Alabama Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Did you know that the population of Albertville, AL is 8.85K people? The city's most common industries are Manufacturing, Retail Trade, and Health Care & Social Assistance. The highest paying industries in the city are Utilities, Transportation & Warehousing, and Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services. These industries pay the most residents in Albertville, AL, with a median annual income of $45,867.

One of the first groups of immigrants to the city was Mexican men, mostly single men living in trailer parks. Most of their first encounters with the local community happened in cars. After they arrived, hit-and-runs more than doubled. The number of crashes was so high that everyone had a story. Police chiefs Benny Womack and Randy Amos remember the many hit-and-runs in the city.

In August of 2008, immigration was the big topic in Albertville. A new fervor over immigration fueled by the Concerned Citizens group swept the state. Jeff Sessions addressed an overflow crowd at Albertville City Hall. He talked about how immigration is costing taxpaying citizens money and promised to train police officers to enforce the law. However, the immigration debate did not seem to reach Albertville voters.

The population of Albertville City was 35,500 in 2019 (per the US Census Bureau), and it was 32.7 for native citizens and 37 for foreign-born residents. The city's population is getting younger, with the average resident age of 33 in 2018. In 2019, the most common foreign-born birthplace for Albertville, AL residents were from Mexico and Guatemala, with a total of 9,844 people from India.