Cedar Bluff, Alabama Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you are thinking about moving to Cedar Bluff City, you may want to learn more about the area's population and steets. Located in Tazewell County, Cedar Bluff has a population of 1,139 as of the 2010 census. The city is part of the Bluefield, WV-VA micropolitan area, which has a total population of 107,578. This 19th-century mill town is located on the Clinch River, along the Old Kentucky Turnpike. The Clinch Valley Blanket Mill was in operation from 1890 until World War II.

The city has low crime rates compared to other nearby cities, with only a few crimes per 1,000 residents. Despite this, the southwest part of the city is considered the safest part of the city. The north part of the city is considered to have higher violent crime rates, with the chance of becoming a victim of an attack being 1 in 227 in the north and one in five17 in the southwest area. Comparing violent crime rates is not as intuitive as it may seem.

While residing in Cedar Bluff, MS, it is possible to travel to other nearby cities. These cities can be useful for road trips or flight bookings between airports. The population and steets of these cities can be useful when planning a trip to Cedar Bluff, MS. They are within 104 miles of Cedar Bluff, MS. If you are planning a road trip to these towns, you can also use the list to determine which cities are closest to Cedar Bluff.