Elba, Alabama Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Are you interested in knowing more about Population & Steets in Elbago? Here is information for you! Elba is a small city located on the Pea River. The population is about 3,508 people and there are approximately 1,427 households. The poverty rate is around 0.73%. For more details, view the following table. This will give you a good idea of the economic situation of Elba.

The most common occupations in Elba are Manufacturing, Retail Trade, and Accommodation & Food Services. The Census Bureau uses a set of income thresholds that vary by family size and composition. Families that earn below these thresholds are considered "poor" according to their socioeconomic status. Elba has a majority of white-collar workers, but the rest of the population is in blue-collar jobs.

The median income of residents in Elba is $37,134, which is below the national average of $65,712. The number of unemployed residents is also higher than the state average. Among those employed, manufacturing accounts for the largest portion of the local economy. In Elba, AL, approximately 49 percent of the population is employed in manufacturing, retail trade, and accommodation & food services. In terms of education and skills, Elba residents have an average high school degree. The highest earning industries are Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Hunting.

The median home value in Elba, AL is $77,800. This figure is lower than the national average, but higher than the neighboring geographies. Elba, AL has a homeownership rate of 55.4% and an average commute time of 21.8 minutes. Approximately 17.4% of the population commutes by car. If you're wondering what the median home value is in Elba, AL, check out the following data: