Laceys Spring, Alabama Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

What is the Population & Steets in Lacys Spring City? What are the racial and ethnic groups in this city? Here's a look. You might be surprised to learn that Laceys Spring has a lower crime rate than its surrounding towns. The overall crime rate in Laceys Spring is less than half of the state average. Compared to the state average, Laceys Spring has a low rate of violent crime - but crime rates are higher in the north.

The city is moderately ethnically diverse, with a number of residents reporting that they are members of several racial groups. The most common ancestry groups are White, Black, and African-American. While English is the most common language spoken in the city, Italian and Spanish are also prominent. While this city is not terribly ethnically diverse, it does have a large population of people who speak other languages, including Spanish and Italian.

While many cities in Alabama have lower racial and ethnic diversity, Laceys Spring is home to a significant percentage of foreign-born residents. Among U.S. residents, the Laceys Spring CCD has the highest percentage of immigrants from Central America. The city also ranks #1 in terms of foreign-born residents. If you're looking for an ethnically diverse community, Laceys Spring is the place to live.