Odenville, Alabama Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you're looking for a map of Odenville, Alabama, you've come to the right place. This city is in Saint Clair County. The zip code is 35120. Odenville is primarily a rural community, but parts of it border communities like Margaret, Argo, Branchville, and Moody. The city has a population of 8,065 people.

The population of Odenville, AL is made up of a variety of races and demographics. The majority of the city's population is white, with just 2.1% of residents being Hispanic. In terms of income, approximately 88.9% of residents earn more than $60,450 a year. The median household income in Odenville, AL is $75,622, which is higher than the US average of $64,994. The median income is higher than the average for other cities and towns in the state.

The racial and ethnic diversity of Odenville is reflected in the area's color. Darker colors represent a higher racial or ethnic population. Odenville has a high rate of homeownership, with 87.5% of households having a home. The city's homeownership rate is higher than the national average (64.4%). It also has a higher rate of homeownership than many of its neighbors.

In 1821, Methodist minister Christopher Vandergrift and his family settled in Odenville. They arrived from Chester County, South Carolina. Later, they were joined by Peter Hardin, who married the Vandergrift family's daughter Ellen. They moved to a log home near the town, where they established a cabinet shop and blacksmith shop. Their shop was known as Hardin's Shop.