Hooper Bay, Alaska Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

A look at the current population of Hooper Bay, Alaska shows that the population is comprised mostly of people in their 20s and 30s. While there are fewer people aged sixty or younger in Hooper Bay than most other Alaskan cities, its older population is still large. The following table shows the overall breakdown of the city, as well as specific information on each racial or ethnic group.

Compared to other Alaskan cities, Hooper Bay is smaller than Chevak, which has a higher percentage of family heads than the latter. In Hooper Bay, there are fewer women than men in the city. In Chevak, it is mostly men who head households. There are about 61.3% of households headed by men. On the other hand, in Hooper Bay, the largest percentage of households is headed by a woman, with a percentage of 47.9%.

The median household income in Hooper Bay is $36,250. Native Americans make the most of the city's income, accounting for 25.8% of households. Government employees make up 47.1% of the workforce. The median household income in Hooper Bay is $36,250, and the majority of families live in homes that are either owner-occupied or rent-to-own. For more information about the city, please see the below-listed charts.

The city has a median property value of $60,000, which is 0.249 times smaller than the national average. A large percentage of households in Hooper Bay are homeowner-owned, with 68.6% of people living below the poverty line. The average household has 0 cars. This means that most people live in poverty. Those who own a car are in the minority. This is because the city is located in the remote northern part of the state.