Willow, Alaska Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you are looking for someone in Willow City, ND, you can use Radaris to find them. Whether you are searching for a new place to live or you are just looking for more information about the city, you can use this data to make the right decision. It is important to note that the poverty rate in this city is much lower than that of neighboring cities like Dickinson and Manvel.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 145 people live in Willow City, ND. The gender breakdown of these residents is 60.0% men and 40% women. That's about the same as the North Dakota average of 51.0% to 49.2%. And for the rest of the United States, it's almost 50:50. That's not so bad, right? The only thing that could make the city more diverse is a more diverse population!

The percentage of educated citizens in a city is a good indicator of the quality of the place. A higher percentage of educated citizens means more opportunity and more potential. In a city, the ratio of educated residents to total population is different for men and women, but if it's higher, it means a better quality of life. The percentage of women who are educated varies depending on whether they're single or married.

The area's AMI is calculated from all the households in Lancaster County. This figure is important because the most affordable housing programs are based on the percent of AMI, not the city's AMI. That's because most low income people in the area will be looking beyond individual cities to find the right home for them. If you're looking for a home, you'll need to consider these numbers when comparing different neighborhoods in the area.