Bowie, Arizona Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Despite a large white population, the leafy streets of Bowie have become an unlikely scene for racial strife. Last October, several hundred whites rallied in front of City Hall to demand that the city of 50,000 secede from the predominantly black neighboring county, Prince George's County. Since then, racial epithets have been scrawled on homes and businesses of black families. Three years ago, a cross was burned on the front lawn of the high school. Several recent incidents have further exacerbated the racial divide in this city.

While the majority of the houses in the neighborhood are owned by whites, there are a few exceptions. While blacks tend to be the majority, whites tend to be the most prosperous. The majority of black residents live in a neighborhood that is dominated by whites. In fact, in one Bowie subdivision, the majority of black residents live in homes that are large, rather than modest. In addition to big houses, blacks typically buy smaller homes, and whites tend to own smaller houses.

The median home price in Bowie, MD is 4.6% higher than the state average. For a family of two, the average household income is $26,000, while only 2% is below the poverty line. Bowie is home to 71.5% of the population and nearly two-thirds are employed. Moreover, 95% of the population in the city has a high school degree, while 49.2% holds a bachelor's degree, and 23.3% has a graduate or professional degree.