Cashion, Arizona Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Here are some demographics about the population and steets of Cashion City, Ohio. The population of Cashion City is approximately 929 people. The median home value is $203,400. The home appreciation rate over the past 10 years is 6.1%. You may want to consider this city if you're thinking about moving here. There are many things you should know before you make a decision, including the population and steets of cashion.

The first impression you have of a neighborhood will most likely be based on its appearance, including the home and setting. A unique mix of groups can help make a neighborhood stand out. While most neighborhoods have a diverse population, Cashion is a bit unusual in some ways. For example, fewer people in the neighborhood are college graduates. Also, residents of Cashion live in one block at a time.

In terms of race and ethnicity, the residents of Cashion are predominantly Mexican. Nearly 80.7% of the population speaks Spanish at home, making this neighborhood special linguistically. This rate is higher than the national average of 97.4%. In addition to these unique demographics, the community has a high percentage of older residents. Its low unemployment rate is another reason to move to Cashion.