Chinle, Arizona Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

What is the Population and Steets of Chinle City? This page will give you an idea of the number of people living in Chinle. This page also includes the number of people who commute by car, walking, bus or trolley bus. The census data for Chinle City is from the 2020 American Community Survey. This information is gathered from various sources, and is not guaranteed to be accurate.

The Navajos call this area Ch'ini'li, which means "where water flows out". This community was established after the Long Walk, when thousands of Navajos marched 300 miles to Fort Sumner to end the NMRA-Mexico War. Following the Treaty of 1868, many of these families returned home to the Chinle area.

The population of Chinle, AZ is comprised of 4,5763 people from all races. Of those residents, 0.5% of people identify themselves as Native American, 0.4% as Black, and 0.43% are Hispanic or Latino. In addition, there are 4.1 people per household, compared to 2.6 in the rest of the US. Despite these facts, Chinle, AZ is a very diverse community.

The median household income for Chinle City was $27,324 in the 2010 Census, and this percentage is significantly lower than the state average. The number of foreign-born residents is also significantly lower than the state average, at 30.4%. The percentage of blacks and hispanics in the population is lower than the state average, with just under one in four. There were no foreign-born residents in the city, and only five people in the age bracket of 65-plus.