Corona De Tucson, Arizona Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you are looking to move to Corona de Tucson, Arizona, you may want to know how many people live in the city. The city has a population of 7,023 people, and the median household income is $90,231. The poverty rate in the city is 3.48%, and the unemployment rate is 4.93%. To learn more about the community, visit the city's website.

The population of Corona de Tucson is composed of predominantly White people, although Black and Hispanic people also live here. The census bureau uses money-based poverty thresholds that vary by family size and composition. For a family to be considered to be in poverty, their income must fall below these thresholds. Some areas of the city are more affluent than others, and the median home value in Corona de Tucson is more than $70,000.

The number of renter-occupied housing units in the city is also important to understand. In 2016, a large number of Corona de Tucson residents had to pay rent. This could be a sign that the economy has deteriorated. The city's rent burden is lower than the state average of 30.1%, and neighboring cities have lower rent burdens. Kearny and Vail are both cheaper than Corona de Tucson, with rent burdens of 20.2% and 21.6%, respectively. Furthermore, 15.4% of Corona de Tucson residents live in rental housing.

The population of Corona de Tucson City is primarily white. The population has an extremely large proportion of middle-aged adults and families. The percentage of children under 18 is also large compared to other cities in the area. Although there are very few vacancies in the city, the number of single adults is small. You can easily get a map of the city by using the ZIP code. You can zoom in on the map using the button.