Greer, Arizona Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

When calculating the population and steets of a city, you must take the size of the city into account. Greer is a small town in the Upstate of South Carolina, with a long history, dating back to the Cherokee hunting grounds. The city was later settled by railroad families and pioneer families in the 1700s. The population is 16.3% hispanic. If you're interested in learning more about the city, please watch this video.

The town has experienced tremendous economic growth over the past few years. The city is home to two major employers, BMW US Manufacturing Company and Alexium International. GE Power is another major employer in Greer. Despite this, there are still many jobs for people in Greer. The following list provides an overview of the top employers in the city. GE Power, BMW, and Michelin North America are just a few of the major employers in Greer.

The population of Greer City was very diverse. Twenty-one percent were under the age of 18 while nine percent were 25-34. Another 11.9% were carpoolers, while 4.66 percent worked from home. A graph showing the percentage of households using different means of transportation in Greer City over time can be useful in understanding the overall patterns of transportation. A logarithmic scale on the y-axis helps you see the variations in smaller means of transportation.

A study shows that the median household income in Greer is $47,033, despite a vast range in income levels. The city is home to people from every income bracket, and those making less than that are represented by a very small minority of the population. Those earning $75-$100,000 are 12.3% of the population. Most families own two cars and travel to work by 22 minutes.