Martinez Lake, Arizona Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The Census Bureau provides data on poverty levels by race and ethnicity. The poverty level is a range of income levels below which a family is considered poor. The census data is tagged to residential addresses. While the median family income is approximately $50,000, poverty is often higher for low-income families, especially those with children. For example, if a family makes less than $52,000 per year, it is considered to be poor.

Real estate prices are a large factor in choosing the right area to live. The median home value in Martinez is $596,400, which is approximately 2.48 times higher than the national average. Homeownership rates in Martinez are high, at 67.3%, higher than the national average. The median commute time is 31 minutes, compared to the national average of 29 minutes. The median age of residents is 42.6 years old, with a male median age of 40.6 years.

Local amenities are plentiful in Martinez. Residents have easy access to stores, restaurants, and other amenities. In addition, the median household income is more than double the national average. Nearly 89% of Martinez, CA residents live alone, while only 6.1 percent commute via public transit. The median age of residents in Martinez is higher than the national average, but residents still make good money. If you're considering moving to Martinez, the median household income in Martinez is approximately $46,500.