Mcnary, Arizona Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The Population & Steets in McNary City are based on a composite score of all the factors that make up a city's quality of life. This number is derived by calculating a city's livability score, which takes into account factors such as crime, education, cost of living, and overall happiness of residents. Mcnary is a good place to live if you're looking for a home in the area.

The following chart shows the violent crime rate in McNary, LA based on population per square mile. Violent crime rates in McNary are highest in the northwest part of the city. The southeast portion of the city is the safest. If you're interested in a crime map that displays crime rates in different areas of McNary, try Vivint. Their website offers free quotes, and you can even get a free quote from them.

The Rent Burden in McNary City is a good indicator of the city's affordability. The proportion of households that pay rent is lower than the national average of 33.5%. However, this figure does not take into account the fact that many residents in the city commute by car. The most common way to get to work in McNary is by taxi or public transit, and the highest percentage of households have at least two cars.

The median property value in McNary City, LA is $75,300, which is about 0.313 times smaller than the national average. The median home value has dropped from $85,000 to $75,300, or an 11.4% decrease. There is an average household size of 5.4 people, and the population of young adults is concentrated in the 20s. The diversity of the population in McNary is high, ranking 6085 nationally, and 73rd in the state of Louisiana.