Munds Park, Arizona Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

In recent years, the number of homes for sale in Munds Park has increased significantly, and many of these are selling faster than ever before. This is due in large part to the cooler weather and close proximity to Flagstaff. Many people from hotter climates make Munds Park their home, and many of these homes offer the sense of being "away from it all." It is the perfect location for a full-time residence, second home, or vacation destination.

If you are considering relocating to Munds Park, you will need to know if you are in a safe, secure neighborhood. There are less eviction cases in Munds Park than in other nearby cities. The population density of Munds Park is higher than that of Dewey-Humboldt, and the average household size is just under 1.7 people. Moreover, you can tell if you'll have a friendly neighborhood by looking at the property's exterior.

Although crime rates are high in Munds Park, they're significantly lower in the suburbs. It's possible to find neighborhoods where violent crime is very low but are not as safe as the neighborhood you're considering. Consider the violent crime map below for a more accurate idea of the city's overall safety. Despite the relatively small population, Munds Park has a higher crime rate than most other cities in the state of Arizona.