Vernon, Arizona Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

You can learn about the population of Vernon City by looking at its demographics. The population of the city is made up of both native and foreign-born citizens. The median age of the residents is 26.5 years old. Among native-born citizens, the average age is 23. However, the percentage of foreign-born residents is higher at 57. The following chart gives you the percentage of residents by race in Vernon.

The zip code of Vernon is 90058. The area is 5.2 square miles (13.5 square kilometers). The city is home to a population of 112, with a total of 0 residents living in institutionalized groups. There were no evictions in 2016, which is the lowest rate among U.S. cities. Moreover, it is home to numerous businesses, so you'll have a variety of places to work in Vernon.

The city provides a range of services for its residents, from a challenging public school system to a dynamic public library. The city also boasts highly trained police officers, volunteer firefighters, and EMTs. It also offers many public services, such as fall leaf and refuse collection. The city strives to exceed taxpayer expectations through an overall management philosophy of continuous improvement. For this reason, it consistently ranks high in the rankings of "Best Places to Live" by Forbes magazine.

A number of streamboats also passed through Vernon City. The Great Northern Railway completed its construction through the city in 1891. In 1892, Vernon experienced major floods, which probably shifted residential residents to Mount Vernon. During this time, public buildings were constructed on Mount Vernon's hill. After the 1892 floods, the city's population increased. The city became home to many immigrants, including Europeans who moved from other parts of the state to work for John B. Leonis.