Yarnell, Arizona Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Here is a breakdown of the Population & Steets in Yaringn City, Arizona. Compared to the state and national average, Yarnell's population density is lower than those of Morristown. Listed below are the age groups of the population, and the percentage of single men and women. Also, see how many people live in the area in terms of income and age.

Crime in Yarnell is lower than in the surrounding areas. Crime rates are significantly lower than the national average. However, crime does happen anywhere, and Yarnell has some areas where you should avoid at all costs. The area surrounding the airport is one area of the city that is more likely to have crime, as are nearby parks and recreational areas. However, crime rates may be higher in these areas, because of the nature of these areas.

The population of Yarnell is less than 1,000 people. This historic mountain city is located at the southern end of the Chino Valley. Gold was discovered here in 1865 by Charles Genung. In 1873, the area became famous for the Yarnell mine. In 1933, Yarnell's downtown was paved and for many years, the city was the main road from Phoenix to Wickenburg.

There are 359 households in Yarnell City, Arizona. Approximately 10% of the population was under the age of 18. The other 38.9% of households consisted of married couples, while 7.1% had a female householder who was living alone. The median age was 57. The ratio of males to females was 114.3 to every 100 adults. Yarnell City has a small downtown, but it's a very walkable city.