Altus, Arkansas Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Are you planning a trip to Altus, OK? Then you may be wondering: how many people live there? If so, you should know the population and the steets of Altus City. This article will give you the answer to your questions. It is also important to know the distance between Altus, OK and any cities nearby. You can use the distance calculator below to find the distance from Altus to any other city.

The crime map in Altus City shows that the central area is the safest area. In contrast, the southeast area has the highest crime rate. The central area has the highest crime rate; 264 crimes are reported there every year. The area near the airport is also the most dangerous. However, this doesn't mean that the population of Altus is more at risk. It is important to know that crime rates are different in different parts of the city, so you must consider this when deciding where to live.

Altus, OK is located in Jackson County, Oklahoma. The population of Altus is 18,338. It is the 1,966th largest city in the US. Altus has an area of 18.4 square miles and was home to the United States Air Force training base. Some of the most popular churches in the area include the Assembly of God Glad Tidings and Emmanuel Baptist Church. The Altus Plaza Shopping Center is a convenient place to shop.