Texarkana, Arkansas Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Listed below is information on Population & Steets in Xarkana City, Texas. While Texarkana City is a part of Texas, it is actually two separate municipalities. The city has two sets of councilmen and a mayor, but it shares joint operations such as sewage disposal and recreational programs. The only building in the city located in two different states is the Federal Building.

The city's history dates back to the mid-1800s, when the town was founded. The town's population of 840 declined during the Great Depression, but its economy reclaimed by the early 1900s, thanks to the creation of the Lone Star Ammunition Plant and the Red River Army Depot. Texarkana City became an important railroad junction and commercial center, thanks to its rich timbered area, fertile agricultural lands, and abundant mineral deposits.

The Texarkana metropolitan statistical area covers Bowie County, Texas, and Miller County, Arkansas. The city's population was 34,782 in the 2000 census. Texarkana Regional Airport is located inside the northeastern city limits and is classified as a primary commercial service airport. There are several restaurants, grocery stores, and other retail establishments in Texarkana.

In 1883, a Southwestern Telephone and Telegraph Exchange franchise was granted for Texarkana. The city grew rapidly, and schools were established. A school for African-Americans was opened in 1885. At that time, Texarkana's Arkansas population was greater than its Texas population. The county's Black race population was significantly above the state average, and its Hispanic race population was slightly below the average. The city is home to approximately 80 pilots and forty-five other airmen.