Weiner, Arkansas Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

There are a number of facts and figures about the people in Weiner City, Arkansas. One of these facts is the city's diversity. The city's population is composed of a wide variety of ethnic groups. For instance, twenty percent of Weiner's citizens have never been married, a number not far from the national average. In addition, 4.9% of the city's adult civilian population is made up of veterans. The state's average is 8.9%.

The median household income in Weiner, AR is $45,568, a lower number than the national average of $65,712. In 2018, it was $36,500, a 24.8% increase from the year before. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the city is home to 286 residents employed in various fields. The largest industries in Weiner are Retail Trade, Agriculture, Construction, and Transportation & Warehousing ($60833).

As of 2019, Weiner, AR has an average property value of $69,800. This is 0.29 times smaller than the national average of $240,500. Its homeownership rate is 65.3%, compared to 64.8% in the rest of the country. Residents of Weiner, AR commute 16.9 minutes to work. Most people in Weiner drive alone, according to U.S. Census data. There are about 11 foreign-born households in the city.