Alturas, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you're planning to purchase a new home, you should know about the Population & Steets in Alterras City. Listed below is information about the population and steets of Alturas City, CA. The population is comprised of approximately 5,600 people and consists of 63% owner-occupied households. The median household income is $111,728.

The population of Alturas, CA is comprised of 2,660 residents. The median household income in Alturas is $29,730. The area's poverty rate is 17.9%. The median age is 45 years old. The median home price is $53,286. Alturas has a low crime rate and a moderate amount of homeowner-occupied homes. There are many retirement communities in Alturas.

In 1870, Alturas was a small Pit River town. It was originally known as Dorris Bridge, after two brothers who built a bridge across the Pit River. In 1879, the town was officially incorporated. Its population has grown considerably since then. This article looks at the population and steets of Alturas and its surrounding communities. The population in Alturas is approximately 9,400.

Approximately 12.0% of the population of Alturas is Latino. The other eleven percent of the population speaks Spanish. One percent of the population speaks an Indo-European language. About 37% of the labor force is unemployed, and 39.7% of Alturas residents work for the government. The median household income in Alturas is $37,917. With all of these numbers, the population of Alturas City is relatively young.