American Canyon, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you're interested in finding out more about American Canyon, California, you're in luck. The city is less than 19 miles from San Francisco, and the average temperature is about seven degrees. In the winter, it can be quite cold, with temperatures dropping to the teens during January. In the summer, American Canyon has some of the best weather in Northern California. But whether you're interested in the weather in American Canyon for work or leisure, the population data is quite promising.

The town of American Canyon is a diverse community with a population that is about 6% Hispanic, 26% Asian, and 21% Caucasian. It is home to three elementary schools, one middle school, and a high school. The Wetlands Trail opened in 2010, and there are several parks and recreation facilities in the area. A walkable neighborhood with a variety of activities is also a popular option.

The population of the City Center / Lowell neighborhood was quite diverse. The majority of the residents surveyed identified Mexican, Polish, and Irish ancestry. A smaller percentage of residents were of English or Irish heritage, but 25.2% were born outside of the United States. While American Canyon is a diverse community, the livability of the city is also a major concern. In fact, AreaVibes has created a livability index for American Canyon that includes a range of key factors, including affordability, local amenities, and quality of life.

A tentative subdivision map must be approved by the Planning Commission. Once approved, it must be transmitted to various departments, including the city clerk, the American Canyon Fire Protection District Chief, the regional water quality control board, and every serving utility. The City has one city manager, but there are many other neighborhoods in the area. And each community is unique. The neighborhood's unique characteristics can make it a good choice for home buyers and developers alike.