Banning, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Are you looking for population and steets in Banning City? If so, this article will show you some interesting statistics. Banning's population increased from twenty-five thousand to twenty-seven hundred and twenty-two people in just one decade. This growth rate reflects the growing population of San Gorgonio Pass. In 2004, the city was the second-largest in the Inland Empire behind Yucaipa and Beaumont. It added around 3,630 residents from 2000-2004 and over 31,800 since that year. The city is set for aggressive growth over the next decade and the coming decades.

The population of Banning was primarily comprised of Cahuilla Indians until the mid-19th century. Originally a Spanish settlement, it was named Maringayam (Serrano). In 1824, the region was part of the Rancho San Gorgonio and Mission San Gabriel Arcangel. The city was later settled by Dr. Isaac Smith. The following year, the smallpox epidemic weakened the Cahuilla population even more and the government set up Cahuilla reservations.

The median age of people in Banning is forty-seven, which is slightly older than the state average of thirty-five. Next in age is the 65-74 age group. The city's median household income is $39,700, below the county median of sixty-seven thousand dollars. The Banning Unified School District serves the approximately five thousand students in the city. The district maintains four elementary schools, two middle schools, and one continuation high school.