Boron, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you're looking for the population and steets of Boron City, CA, you're in luck! While California has a very low population density, it is a surprisingly wealthy community. In fact, males earn almost 11% more than females - a 0.499 ratio. That's significantly higher than the national average! And while Boron isn't quite as wealthy as other nearby California cities, it is still a thriving place to live!

The Census Bureau reports that 61.1% of residents of Boron, CA identify themselves as White, followed by 12.3% Black or African American, and 0.7% American Indian or Alaska Native. There are also significant numbers of Hispanic and Asian-American residents in the city. Interestingly, although a majority of residents of Boron are white, a small percentage live in lower-income households. The percentage of people living below the poverty line is still higher than the national average, and the largest proportion of people in Boron, CA, are Hispanic or Latino.

In Boron, CA, the median age is 37.3 years old, and the median household income is $51,181 - a 6.6% increase from the previous year. The population is composed of seven races, with a majority of residents being White (Non-Hispanic), Hispanic, and Other. Boron, CA is home to 11% of foreign-born residents, which is higher than the national average.