Byron, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you are planning to buy a home in Byron, Illinois, then you should look at the Population & Steets in a certain area. This will help you figure out if a home in Byron is an excellent investment. Byron has a population of 3,668 people, which is 98% urban and 2% rural. The median age of residents in Byron is 36.4 years, while the average home price is $239,100.

Byron City has a vibrant community that invests in high-quality services, effective partnerships, and citizen participation. The community is committed to a sustainable lifestyle that promotes its quality of life. Residents enjoy the benefits of living near Rochester, Minnesota, and the Twin Cities while enjoying a small-town atmosphere. While the population of Byron is relatively small, it is home to a diverse community that has many attractions.

Byron City is located in Peach County and extends into Houston and Crawford counties. The Census Bureau estimates the population of Byron to be 5,149 in 2019; an increase of 14.1% since the 2010 census. It is part of the Warner Robins, GA metropolitan area. Byron has a total area of 0.4 square miles. In addition, Byron is home to the Mid State RV dealership, which is the largest Coachman dealership in the world. In addition, the town is home to the Jeff Smith Ford and Jerry Barker Chevrolet dealerships.

Despite its low population, Byron's residents are fairly well off. The median income in Byron, MN is $94,153, which is slightly higher than the state average of $65,712. Compared to its neighboring cities, Ostrander and Mantorville, Byron's poverty rate is fewer than one-third of that of the state. This is a great indicator of the health of a community.