Campo, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you're interested in living in Campo City, California, you can learn more about the area's demographics. The City is home to approximately 3,018 people and has a median household income of $57,521 per person. The poverty rate is 0.4%. The city has a strong economy and many recreational and arts amenities. Its mild climate and low cost of living have attracted retirees, migrants from all over the world, and migrants from all over California. However, these factors have also contributed to the high cost of living and rising commute times. While the city's population is still growing, it's now home to a population of 3,018 and has added about 40 people since 2020.

The first settlers in the town named the area Milquatay, which means "Big Foot." The area later gained a second name, Campo Valley, after early settlers referred to it as the "Campo Valley" and a natural Spanish name for a Mexican campsite. The district is home to a juvenile ranch, and the city also has a large agricultural community. The city was also home to the Warrens and Gaskills, two families that came to the area as pioneer sheepmen.

The City has a central park with running tracks and lakes and an acoustic shell. Other notable features include the Solar do Bais, a 19th century hotel with neo-classical facades. The building was constructed near the North-West Railroad track. There are also three museums in the city. In addition, the Campo Fire Department and the County Road Maintenance Station can be found along Forrest Gate Road.