Castro Valley, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The Castro Valley population is approximately 50,000, and is an unincorporated city in Alameda County, California. Located north of Hayward, east of San Leandro, and south of Oakland, Castro Valley is part of the San Francisco Bay Area. The city is governed by the county, and the county seat is located in Oakland. Despite its size, Castro Valley is not considered a wealthy community.

The Castro Valley city population is diverse. The majority of the population speaks English at home, with 63.0% of households speaking this language. Other important languages spoken in Castro Valley include Chinese, Spanish, and Tagalog. If you're interested in learning more about Castro Valley, read on for some facts and figures. Listed below are a few facts about the city's residents. Also, see our Castro Valley population map to get a more accurate feel for the city's population.

The Castro Valley population is very diverse, with many people identifying their roots as Mexican or Asian. Only 12.4% of residents identify as Native American, while 25.4% are of Norwegian descent. Thirty-one percent of Castro Valley residents were born in another country. In general, this area has a higher percentage of people with college degrees than the national average. Also, it's home to some of the most expensive real estate in the country.

Located in Alameda County, California, Castro Valley is a USPS designated city, but it could also be a village, town, or school. The city's ZIP code is D (Default), which is the preferred designation by the United States Postal Service. Residents commonly refer to the city as Castro Valley, despite the fact that it's a USPS-designated ZIP code.