Claremont, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

This article discusses the population and steets of Claremont City, California. The city has approximately 12156 housing units and an average density of 901.3 per square mile. Almost two-thirds of these are owner-occupied. Another third are occupied by renters. The city's homeowner vacancy rate is 0.9%, and the rental vacancy rate is 5.5%. In total, 21,209 people live in homeowner-occupied units, and 8,593 live in rental units. The median household income is $87324. The median income is below the federal poverty line by 7.2%.

The majority of Claremont's commercial activity occurs in "The Village," an area of street-front small businesses, galleries, and offices that are adjacent to the city's four colleges. In 2007, the city expanded The Village to include a boutique hotel and a cinema. A controversial multi-use development that includes offices, retail space, and a parking structure was built in the same area. While some people welcomed the development, others say it ruined the small-town atmosphere.

The Claremont area's postwar boom period saw the city's population grow 389% from 1950 to 1980. While Los Angeles County experienced a more significant increase in population, Claremont had a much smaller percentage of non-white residents and a higher proportion of educated residents. While the city's growth rate slowed over the past decade, the impact of this transition is still visible in the city's demographics.