Colusa, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Listed below are the Steets & Population of Colusa City, California. The city was originally situated at the site of Seven Mile House, but was moved to its current location in 1850. The city is home to a wide range of historical buildings, including the Colusa County Courthouse, IOOF Hall, and the Colusa Union High School. The city website also lists all of its historic buildings.

As of 2016, the US Census Bureau reported that 55.1% of Colusa City's population is of Hispanic descent. This means that the city has a high Hispanic population, and a low African-American population. However, the poverty rate is higher than average, at 58.8%. The poverty rate in Colusa is higher than the state's average. While the city is relatively small, the area surrounding the city is dominated by African Americans and Hispanics.

While growing up in Grimes, I was a bit skeptical of Colusa, California's largest city. I lived in Grimes for a few years, but I was often pleasantly surprised to learn that it had a population of 5,900. The city is the county seat of Colusa County, California. Originally called Colusi, the town flourished because of its proximity to the Sacramento River and the Southern Pacific Railroad. Though the railroad no longer runs through the city, the river still plays a vital role in the economy.

The county's population was down by 10 people between 2010 and 2016. However, that number reflects only a small portion of the population. The population is expected to rise to nearly 1,400 residents by 2020. However, there are several notable residents in the area. Among them are Byron De La Beckwith, a Purple Heart medal recipient, and baseball players Mike Griffin and Ben Beville. The city has a small number of foreign-born residents and 12 airmen, and only ten people have moved from outside the county in the past two years.