Dos Palos, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Dos Palos City, California has a median property value of $194,500. This is higher than the national average of $183,500. However, the homeownership rate in this city is only 63.3%, making it a less desirable neighborhood. The median commute time is 31.4 minutes. Residents own two cars on average, which is the same as the national average. There are a few things to keep in mind when considering buying a home in Dos Palos, CA.

The majority racial group in Dos Palos, CA is Hispanic. The next largest racial group is White. The third most common race is Other. While these numbers may seem low, this fact reflects the overall wealth gap in Dos Palos, CA. Families with incomes below the poverty line are considered low-income. The two largest occupational groups in Dos Palos, CA are Construction & Extraction Occupations and Education Instruction & Library Occupations.

Dos Palos received its name during the early days of surveying California. Early explorers noted that the region was home to two massive poplar trees, or "dos palos" in Spanish. However, this pronunciation changed in 1906 when Henry Miller's name was shortened to Dospalos. However, the original pronunciation has since resurfaced. Even though there's a significant difference in the pronunciation of these two names, locals still call the city by the original name, Henry Miller.

The population density of Dos Palos City is about 1,259.5 per square mile. There are 929 homeowner-occupied households and 572 rent-occupied units. The homeowner vacancy rate is 3.2% while the rental vacancy rate is 8.9%. The average household size in Dos Palos City is 3.20. The number of households with children is 98.7. In contrast, households with a single adult living alone were 8.9%.