Fort Jones, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The demographics of Fort Jones, CA are diverse. The majority of its residents are White, while the rest are Asian and Hispanic. Almost half of the city's residents are below the poverty line. Among that group, hispanics make up 12.8% of the population, while the remaining half are White. The percentage of people living below the poverty line in Fort Jones, CA ranges from 17.8% to 51.

Crime rates in Fort Jones are low compared to neighboring cities. The number of reported crimes per 1,000 residents is even lower. Crime rates may seem higher in popular recreational areas, such as parks, but in fact, these areas tend to have lower crime rates than other parts of the city. That being said, crime happens wherever people congregate. If you are planning a trip to Fort Jones, you should check out nearby cities and towns.

The population of Fort Jones City is estimated at 839 people as of the 2010 census. Originally, the city was named Scottsburg. But it was renamed to Scottsville not long afterward in honor of Mr. O. C. Wheelock, who had founded the region's first commercial enterprise. Ottitiewa, meanwhile, was renamed to Fort Jones in 1854. The word 'Ottitiewa' is the native name of the Scott River branch of the Shasta tribe. This is the reason why local residents petitioned the USPS to change the name to Fort Jones.

In Fort Jones, CA, the most common occupations are in the fields of Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Hunting. Those in these occupations are the highest paid, but some residents of Fort Jones work in different locations. Compared to their peers, the rate of homeownership is significantly higher in Fort Jones, CA than in its parent and neighboring counties. Approximately half of Fort Jones city's residents drive alone to work, while 20 percent carpooled. The other twenty percent worked from home.