Fresno, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Interested in knowing the Population & Steets in Fre-sno City? Here's how to find out! Just follow the links below! And, don't forget to check out Ballotpedia, too! We have a wealth of information to help you make your choice! In Fresno, California, you'll find that there are over 540,000 people living in the metropolitan area, which is just over half of California's largest city.

As of the 2010 Census, the average per capita income in Fresno was $23,564, which was lower middle class when compared to other cities in California and the rest of the nation. This means that for a family of four, the median income in Fresno is $94,256. This means that despite the high percentage of middle class residents, there are some very low-income people as well as those with higher-incomes.

The west side of Fresno, also known as southwest Fresno, is the oldest part of the city. It lies southwest of the 99 freeway, and south of North Avenue. This neighborhood is considered to be the center of the African-American community, and contains a largely Latino and Asian-American population. For the same reason, residents of west Fresno are encouraged to attend community events.

Downtown Fresno's downtown was once a bustling area, filled with electric streetcars. At one point, it housed some of the most beautiful architecture in the San Joaquin Valley. The original county courthouse, the Fresno Carnegie Public Library, and the Hughes Hotel were all located in this area. But today, a vibrant downtown Fresno is still home to many businesses and restaurants.