Goleta, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The city of Goleta, California, was incorporated by Measure H-2001 in the November 2001 election. The first five members of the city council were elected at the same time and began their terms on February 1, 2002. Goleta holds elections during the November general election, on even years. Members of the city council serve four-year terms, and the Mayor is chosen by the council to lead the city. Measure C-2016 called for a directly elected Mayor, with a two-year term.

The city of Goleta has a population of over 32,000 people and is growing in the entrepreneurial business community. Goleta is an example of a diverse community, with quiet neighborhood streets blending in with freeways and wide open spaces. The city is home to diverse scenic views, organic farms, high technology manufacturing, and an active Old Town commercial district. In terms of housing, there is a wide range of rents and home prices.

Families are well-represented in the community, with 62% of households headed by a married couple. The area's average household size is 3.4 persons, and there are only two single-parent households in Goleta. While these are good statistics, it's important to remember that Goleta has a relatively low divorce rate and a high birth rate, compared to neighboring communities like Montecito.