Hemet, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

This article aims to provide information on the population and steets in Hemet City, California. Although Hemet is a relatively small city, it has a high population density and is home to many large commercial buildings and employers. Its employment sectors include Health Care & Social Assistance, Construction, and Retail Trade. These industries are associated with both the residential and work addresses of a person. Hemet has a comparatively low vacancy rate, with homeowner vacancies of only 5.5% and rental vacancies of 17.5%. The population of Hemet City is estimated to be around 45,459 people, while its employment sector is geared to working-class families.

The city's median household income is $34,974 (for both men and women), with a percentage of false to two cars for each person. The city has a low unemployment rate, with 17.4% residents unemployed. A majority of residents are employed. However, there are still many people who are unemployed. Hemet City has a relatively low poverty rate, with only 17.4% people living below the poverty line.

The median age for all residents in Hemet, CA was 38.9. This is a lower rate than the national average and parent geographies. The majority of Hemet residents are US citizens, with 92.1% being foreign-born. The city has a significant amount of Vietnamese residents. This is reflected in the local government's policies and programs. Hemet is also home to several educational facilities, including Hemet Valley Medical Center.