Holtville, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you're looking to move to a city with a diverse population, you may be wondering: what is the population of Holtville City? Originally named Holton, Holtville was incorporated on June 20, 1908. The name was changed at the request of the Postal Service, which felt that the previous name sounded too similar to the town of Colton, which was a regional headquarters of the Southern Pacific Railroad. The city lies on the northeast bank of the Alamo River, which was created during floods in 1905-07. The Colorado River broke, turning the river's course west, filling the depression that is now known as the Salton Sea.

In 2019, Holtville had a median property value of $186,600. Its homeownership rate was 58.1%. Residents typically walked or drove to work. The average commute time was 22.7 minutes. The population of Holtville was 6.53k as of 2019. The average household income in Holtville, CA was $46,161 in 2019. The city's median age is 32.9. Holtville's median household income was $46,161 in 2019. About 58.1% of the population was born in the United States, while 36.8% was born in other countries.

There are many service stations and gas stations in Holtville, CA. These stations provide gas, oil changes, car maintenance, and other small repairs. Dental offices and medical centers in Holtville are listed along with their address, phone number, and other contact details. These businesses are vital to the residents of Holtville, CA. There is also a post office in Holtville, CA.